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Mr. Eccles Presents | Crash Course World Mythology #39: Witches and Hags

This time, we look into the mythologies of admittedly patriarchal societies. Here, Mike Rugnetta teaches you about the stories we tell about witches and hags. It’s definitely unfortunate that a lot of social orders have generated stories about evil women with magical powers. Today we’re going to look at a few of those stories, and talk a little about why these stories appear, and what they mean.


Web Picks Sceptique for Feb. 10, 2011

This is the first of an ongoing series of weekly posts, featuring links to news items, blog posts, and curious web pages selected from items I’ve bookmarked over the past week. I’ve no idea how this will turn out, though hopefully better than my ill-fated Troythulu’s Nu’z 2.0 posts. Now that this blog has had a bit of time to grow since then, I think it’s at least worth trying out. If it works, coolness, and if not, well, I’m only posting it weekly and not daily…yet, and in any event, it’s always good to send traffic to peeps whose sites I find interesting. Enjoy.

  • On NPR…And you thought being eaten by a normal sofa was scary, make way for meat-eating furniture! Yes, a clock that gains its energy by digesting dead flies…