Quid Novi? | 2019.08.24

Vanakkam. Posting on the Call of Troythulu has been slow over the last couple of weeks, as you’ve probably noticed, and that’s because of a major transition for me and my family, one ongoing for the last few months for us, and one that I’m not at liberty to discuss on a publicly accessible blog.

So, through the rest of this month and the next, I’ll continue posting on this site from time to time, so it’s not a complete blogcation. I simply cannot find (or make) the time to post on anything close to a regular schedule.

But I’ll return to regular or semiregular once the current mess boils down, so till then, and in romanized Soruggon…

…Talotaa frang. Talotaa kas. Talotaa tranga suulaat.

Quid Novi? | Restructuring – New Years plans

Vanakkam. Now that the year is underway, I’ve got a full weekly study and work schedule set up. This post is the last of those already prescheduled on this blog, so I’m announcing a two-week blogcation and recharging period so that I can keep things updated here and still have room for non-blogging activities while not endangering my health.

One thing I’ve added to my schedule is experimenting with recording podcast audio clips, so giving me even less time to allocate, though still within my limits. Tamil study is coming along well, while I’ve also begun lessons in precalculus, graphic design fundamentals, and in shorthand script for rapid lecture/debate transcription.

But, that being said, what’s in store for the site at blogcation’s end?

I’ll continue the Gods of Terra primer series, the next installments being part I and II of the setting’s history. I’ll also post new installments of the Lost in Translation series, for some cool mnemonics I’ve come up with for Tamil vocabulary, and some of those for Bengali past tense, present tense, and negational verb forms that I’ve found useful.

I’m doing new fiction as well, and that and the Gods of Terra primer installments will also appear on this site’s sister blog, Checkerboards of the Gods.

While I’m not writing and finalizing new drafts, I can spend time updating older posts. I’m nearly finished on a few posts in draft already, including a tutorial on Mandelbulb 3D, now for v.1.9.7.

I’ve see a need for more skeptical content on the blog, so with my tendency to binge on podcasts I’ll use that for topical inspiration. That should be fun, and a great opportunity to support the shows I enjoy.


I’ll see you in two weeks, ready and recharged. May the intervening time be good for you as well!

And with my hideously amateurish grasp of Tamil, I’ll leave you with this:

Naan pooyittu varaenga.

Quid Novi? | October Blogcation 2018

Hey, all! Just letting you know that next week there will be no new posts on the site, and I’ll be editing, recreating, and taking down old pages, including the Fiction Links page. Otherwise, most of next week or the next two weeks will be spent attending to study, important projects, and personal matters that need addressing as well as blog maintenance. I’ll be back onsite with new updates before the end of October. I’m making good progress in study, so I’m satisfied with that, and I hope that things are also going well for those of you who visit my little blog now and then. Several of the fiction serials on this site will be deleted, or at least taken offline indefinitely, as you can read much better, cleaner versions of them in my published e-books on Amazon.

Thanks for stopping by, and until then….

Tf. Tk. Tts.

Wotan’s Day…With Words: I’m 50 Now.

I’ve completed my first half-century of life last month, and am back to blogging on WordPress as of today. Things have been fantastic in my view, and I’ve conquered the worst effects of my illness if I’ve done nothing else in life. Along the way, I’ve met absolutely amazing people, online and off, who’ve helped me along the path to recovery, and sanity, a path I’d not have been able to travel alone. No one should have to travel alone, whether one’s Companions are cats or humans, and whether one may or may not be a Time Lord in a flying blue box, sort of an extraterrestrial vimana for an ancient time-travelling aristocrat.

I’ve developed what neurologist Richard Restak refers to as a “Magnificent Obsession:” mine is to learn all I can during my remaining life about things relating to the Indian subcontinent and thereabouts: geography; history; peoples; nations; languages; current events; cultures; politics; traditions; customs; architecture; religions; music and arts. Even if I haven’t listed it here, I want to know it.

*cue schlock movie mad scientist laughter*


I owe you all my gratitude at this crossroads point; friends; readers; family; associates; bloggers; skeptics; believers, unbelievers, and nonbelievers alike; gnostics, ignostics, and agnostics; fellow travellers online and face-to-face who’ve guided me in your own ways, intended or not along this awesome ride called life. I look forward to joyfully completing my next few decades of it with neither expectation of punishment—nor hope of reward—after it’s all over, despite any wishful thinking or comforting fictions I may come across in this wild journey.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.05.59I’m adding new pages to these blogs, updating others, and I’ve got good things in store for the sites. With this entry, I’m announcing my finished short SF story Dirge with a possible cover page shown at left. Many thanks to Christopher R. Rice, who proofed it for me and provided suggestions for making it better.

That’s one more thing under my belt.

I’ve removed the link to the zip.file for the book in updating this post, as the book is being formatted professionally to enable wider distribution, better reader-friendliness, and at only 99 cents as a first release on more platforms than just this blog, a steal for just a bit over 7,000 words!

As of this post, I’m back to blogging, though not regularly as life’s needs demand I attend to it and spend less time online with more time for reading and study. With this post and afterward, all further entries will be scheduled, though I’ll continue to interact with you, my readership, across my sites.

Thank you for making this experience and learning opportunity so interesting, and so fun.

One day, all will end, all will be gone, all will be forgotten, but until then the world stands full of life and color, and brims with very real and, I think, rationally knowable possibilities.

Let’s make those into actualities.

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