Mr. Eccles Presents: Eve Siebert – And That’s Why They’re Going to Hell

This will anger some, and not just believers, but nonbelievers as well, though I suspect for different reasons. In this talk, Ms. Siebert discusses a religious fundamentalist curriculum designed to systematically destroy the ability of students to think critically, to indoctrinate them into depending on authority for their knowledge.

It exposes the blatant cynicism of ‘educators’ intent on imposing their sectarian religious doctrines on a captive audience – American students, who are being cheated of a real education, and thus the ability to fully participate as members of a functioning society in the 21st century.

This is ironic, given the fundamentalist “teach the controversy” nonsense about teaching creationist doctrine in public schools. It’s ironic in that they advocate “show both sides (as though there were only two) and let the kids figure it out themselves,” while simultaneously robbing them of the ability to do so.