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Caturday’s Astrophenia | Of Doctors, Dusters, & a Week Gone By

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Another week gone by so soon? Meh! From Monday onward, it’s been a productive time, with much getting done. The Ninth Doctor duster has come in, with pics to follow once I assemble all parts of the outfit and draft a family member or friend to take photos. So the jacket and Sonic are here, and what remains to be added are the other components of the Ninth Doctor’s garb. Here’s the jacket at its temporary home on my bedroom door’s coat hanger:


As you can see, it’s a bit less well-worn than Eccleston’s jacket in Doctor Who…but it’s authentic, and real leather. I tried taking selfies with it on using my laptop through the Photo Booth app, but the shirt I wore under it didn’t want to cooperate, and neither did the effects or the lighting conditions.

I’m currently listening to a series of Great Courses lectures on the history and ideas of Anglo-American conservatism, and finding it quite interesting, though hardly life-changing. Understanding the ‘other side’s’ political ideas of the present through the context of history is illuminating on a number of levels, and a good cure for political polarization, even with much remaining to disagree on however successfully following the arguments involved.

Starting with the Glorious Revolution of the 17th century and leading up to about the year 2001, the course discusses a number of different ideas more or less, often much less, sometimes closely, unified by the objective of maintaining social stability and order, sometimes over personal freedoms or individual justice, but this varies considerably. I’m on the last lecture of the fifth disc out of a set of six, and will probably post a full review on this blog once I work out a suitable draft.

Tf. Tk. Tts.

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Solar eclipse seen by NASA’s STEREO spacecraft

This is a quick one, only a few seconds long…but the view! Outstanding, BA!

TheBadAstronomer | December 11, 2007

The NASA STEREO spacecraft sees the disk of the Moon pass in front of the Sun in a view never seen before by human eyes — in solar eclipses seen on Earth, the Moon and Sun are roughly the same size.

I picked this as one of the Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2007.