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Uh, Guys? Is this really the best way to make your point?

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I owe a hat-tip to Sharon on the ultra-cool Doubtful NewsBlog for this, the billboard campaigns of an atheist group that needs a clue.

Sharon had this to say on it:

I’m not clear about the Treaty of Tripoli quote.  Frankly, I don’t know so I won’t put forth an opinion on it. But, this group is apparently not too careful with their evidence. They royally screwed up on their first billboard attempt.

Now, I’m aware of some overlap in the skeptical and atheist communities, but let’s not conflate the two, for they are interested in very different realms of reality, the one, allegedly scientific claims of fact, and the other, religious and theistic claims.

They are often found in the same people, but not necessarily, and are driven by different motivations — the promotion of science, science education and critical thinking, and the promotion of a secular society with a separation of church and state.

On another attempt, they used a quote that is often falsely attributed to Thomas Jefferson, here, when a bit of basic fact-checking would have been helpful.

Now I’m both a skeptic and an atheist, but if I have an opinion to express, I try not to go beyond the evidence, even when the evidence itself may be in dispute if there’s a conflict in standards due to differences of opinion or ideology.`

Really, ignoring the need for evidence is embarrassing, just what the believers try to get away with, and not what I’d like to see my side in this doing.