Eastern vs Western Philosophers Epic Rap Battle

*Sigh* This is why it’s so difficult to achieve consensus in philosophy… *Chortle* *waves tentacles*

The Science Rap! by Ali G

Uploaded by on Jun 13, 2011

Ali G raps about science. mp3: http://colorpulsemusic.com

Original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eB5VXJXxnNU


What is it all about
What is that all about
Is it good or is it whack
What is it all about

There’s a bloak from round my hood
Who reject everyfin to do with science
He just chill at home, smoke his own home grown
And check this – he don’t have a tele

He lives in a house though
And that house is a product of technology
No he aint got no technology in it
You can check out his website

Has computers made our lives better
Will computers ever be able to work out what
multiplied by
The answer’s yes
You don’t know what I was gonna say
10 10 10 10 10 10 10

Speak to the hand cause the face aint listenin yo

Troythulu’s Rappin’ Halloween Kittehz

A tribute to my cats, past and present, though a bit early for the holiday…It’s my first YouTube upload and was created on JibJab.