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Mr. Eccles Presents | BEAKMALLUSION: Free Energy Devices

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This is brilliant! My favorite skeptical superhero (other than Batman), Captain Disillusion teams up with his idol from the 1990s to debunk perpetual motion (AKA ‘free energy’) device scams. The Beakman’s World-ish music in this vid was written by George Hrab of the Geologic Podcast show, to be featured in an upcoming installment of Podcast Spotlight! I gave Mr. Eccles extra treats and ear-scritches for this one.

Tf. Tk. Tts.

Courtesy of CaptainDisillusion‘s YouTube channel!

WLS | Web Links Sceptique for March 1, 2012

  • My brother sent me this one – The scale of the Universe – let this load, then zoom in and out from the smallest known (and possible) entities in the Cosmos to the very largest we can see…

WLS is a selection of links to blogs, news outlets, and cool little sites on the Web that relate to science, reason, skepticism, atheism, the fringes and borderlands of science, memes relating to science or skepticism, and anything that catches my eye or which I’m deluded enough to think might arouse the interest of you, my perspicacious readers. WPS is published weekly each Thursday on the Call.

Aya! Perpetual Laughter dat Hurtz!

The "Overbalanced Wheel". It was tho...

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OMFCC, this (Click Me Here For a Good ROFL) is just too precious!

It’s an amusingly typical website for marketing construction plans for ‘suppressed’ and ‘secret’ perpetual motion free-energy machines, a site that is somehow easily accessible to nearly any computer on the planet with an internet connection and the guy’s sales pitch is served up with a heavy dose of corporate conspiracy theory for flavor.

Well, now you know the (nonexistent) secret too! Cosmic fail…

Never mind the fact that it completely violates at least two laws of fundamental physics, and the arguments this fellow uses to sell his product set my logical fallacy detector in overload detonation mode…

I hate to say it, but the guy probably either has no clue his product can’t possibly work as claimed or extreme contempt for the intelligence of his customers, or, to use an inclusive disjunctive argument, either, or both. Honestly, how stupid does he think people are?

A tip o’ me hat goes out to Carl for pointing this out to my Troythuluness. Thanks, D00d!