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Happy New Year! Welcoming 2018 and Beyond

I slept in this morning, so here I’d like to wish all of you a happy 2018, or at least one less burdened by the troubles of 2017. You’ve seen the evil Doctor Incompeto’s resolutions for the new year, though I’ve yet to fully formalize my own, and maybe never will beyond this: I resolve to stay sane and to better my learning still further to the best degree possible. I think that would be enough for me. 2017 wasn’t too rough in my view. I finished and published a couple of books, and updated all three of my solo ventures: Dirge, Echoes of Forsaken Galaxies, & Fractal Shards I completed a remedial math course, and I’ll keep practicing workbook problems as I move on to the next course in the series. I’ve also made progress in my language studies despite the hindrances from personal motivation issues, so that’s good. Even better, in terms of Doctor Who, this year saw the introduction of the show’s first woman in the lead role, Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor – and she’s Northern, too! Woo Hoo!

So, one year down, another to go.

Let’s make it a brilliant one!

Tf. Tk. Tts.

Cat Thursday: 2015 New Years Day Edition

cat thursday 2

Welcome to the weekly meme that celebrates the wonders and sometime hilarity of cats! Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). It’s all for the love of cats! Enjoy!

Well, another year passed, with this, the beginning of the seventh on this blog. The gang and I, humans and cats alike, wish you all a fantastic 2015. May what is to come be brighter than that which came before, you awesome, incredible people! Here is an insane tricksy bionic ninja cat…


2013: Both the Awesomositous & the Awful, a Year in Review

mkuyfku,yfk,uyhf,yhf,hycfmcmgcmhgc copyFunny that this far into the new year I should finally do a review of the last, but here it is.

I’ll note a few things that went on on, dealings with and situations of others online and face-to-face, the high and low points of 2013-early 2014:

The Awesomositous:

In 2013, as in any year, I’ve been thoughtless, uncharitable, even overreaching in some goals, but there were things that went well, both for my friends and myself…

My friend Kate aka @AButchersWife (*waves at monitor*) has been doing a series of giveaways and book reviews over on her blog, and has acquired some new feathery pets — her rapidly-growing chicks — who shall serve her in the laying of the eggs when fully mature. She’s gotten a lot done in only a year, between blogging, family duties, tons of study at University. She’s also a grandma, by way of her daughter Jessie, and all things considered, 2013 seems to have been very good for her, the resident critters, and the family despite the heatwave going on.

Stu, whose blog is here, is a dad…again! He also has done VERY well in his writing career, so congratulations and more success to him. Few have what it takes to do it well, and this seems to be the case for both he and…

…Christopher, aka @Ravenpenny, who has gotten lots of articles for GURPS done, and though he had to deal with a loss in the family along the way, has come forth victorious over the that dire multitentacled horror, the dreaded scheduling deadline, even winning 2013’s NaNoWriMo contest.

Chris got to stay over at my place during most of the month, as otherwise I’d be alone with the kitties, which is not a healthy thing for one with my peculiar psychopathology. I picked up a few really cool things during Chris’s stay, including new ways of avoiding writer’s block, and am currently fixing unconstructive writing and blogging habits of mine.


I’m back to study this year, and experimenting on optimal ways to better manage my time, better study methods, and with cool tools to make those easy — I purchased a new laptop in March, an iPad in November, and am using them with the fractal apps (four of them now), and cool study tools like Evernote and Peek. I’ve done tons of images, many of which I would put in the category of ‘not quite as crappy as they were a couple of years back,’ and have finally started posting the Mandelbulber Tutorials, with the first installment here.

Last year, I announced that I would likely be ending activity on this blog by the end of 2014, switching over to my blogger site, The Collect Call of Troythulu. I deactivated my other WordPress site, I am Troythulu, early during the year, only to reactivate it later the same.

Instead, I’ve decided that I’ll be continuing activity on this blog at least till the end of 2015, maybe longer, but we’ll see, and of course will also step up posting on the other blogs over the course of this year. WordPress hasn’t been too rough on me in terms of user-friendliness, though there is the matter of videos showing in some browsers. That may turn out to be a good reason to fully transfer, but for now, I’ll stay with WordPress.

I’ve posted a giveaway for this blog’s 5th anniversary last year, but without a conclusive winner I’ve posted it again here, and extended it until February. The prize is a first edition copy of Guy P. Harrison’s book, ‘Think: Why You Should Question Everything.’ Check it out. Delivery is to anywhere on Earth except where prohibited by law, Low Earth Orbit, or Antarctica.

English: Profile Photo of Kylie Sturgess

English: Profile Photo of Kylie Sturgess (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also, this December, I received a holiday card from one of my favorite skeptical podcasters, Token Skeptic’s hostesss, Kylie Sturgess, with a Krampus on it no less!Photo on 12-31-13 at 14.46 #2

Photo on 12-31-13 at 14.46

Awesomely cool of her to send it all the way from Australia, and personally signed, too! She’s working on her latest podcast project on Patreon right now, the Urban Legendary Radio Show, with its first episode already out!

*waves tentacles*

We’ve another addition to the family, a new cat named Willow, and a big, fluffeh beast she is, though she scares even Mister Eccles and Rockykins!

Okay, enough of the felicity, and on to…

The Awful:

Two of my friends, Christopher and Ani, lost loved ones this year, and my heart goes out to them. Chris’s Nana and Ani’s mother both passed into the Ultimate Mystery in 2013…Their loss is mine as well.

Two of my favorite blogs, Left Hemispheres and Krissthesexyatheist have closed down in 2013, though I maintain some contact with their owners through Facebook. Good people, all of them.

One of my blogging friends, Zor’ra, has gone silent over the last few months, and I’ve no idea why.

There’s no sign of her online recently that I’ve been able to find, and I truly hope she’s doing alright. I’m concerned for her health and safety, but she’s capable and tough. It’ll take more than online trollery or whatever to get her down. My thoughts and hopes go out for her good fortune, wherever she is… Know that I miss seeing you, Little Sister…

So things have been rough for some of us, good for others, and for most, a blend of the two. Let’s see if we can make this year better than the last — for all our sakes.

Be strong, be well, be brilliant as the stars… or in the Old High Kai’Siri, what would render as:

Talotaa frang…

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Fractals of the Week: Ultra-matums Impending

G’day, and it’s now into the second day of the New Year. I hope you are all doing well, and if little else, better off by far than last year.

For some of us, 2013 went relatively well, even great, but not so much for many, and I hope that this year sees a turnabout in the fortunes of the latter.

These images come from Ultra Fractal 5, as thumbnails of larger pieces, those being 3×3 ft if fully printed.

I’m currently doing some experimental work with new parameter sets for MB3D, and next Thursday’s post will feature the more interesting of those.

I’m giving a shoutout to fellow blogger and personal inspiration Zor’ra Farland-StHael, wishing her the best this season, and to fractal mistress BuddhaKat, with hopes that things turn out better for her than they’ve been lately.

I’ll from this point on post installments of this entry exclusively on Thursdays of each week as regularly as my schedule allows, given time spent in my studies and other non-blogging activities that will rear their ugly mugs on occasion, like housework, as for the rest of the month none but myself and the cats will be in residence.

Stay cool, stay cosmic, stay awesomositous, all of you.

Talotaa frang.

ascentdescent copy

pixiefling copy

strangeflange1 copy

recentprimus copy

All JPEG, PNG & GIF images in this post are original works by the author,created by

way of XaoS, Mandelbulber, Fractal Domains, Ultra Fractal , and *Mandelbulb 3D and are copyright 2014 by Troy Loy.

*I’ll be updating this link as needed.

From Now Till February, Continuing the Call’s 5th Bloggoversary #Giveaway!

G’day and happy New Year. I’m continuing the 5th bloggoversary giveaway contest for another month, as the previous month’s giveaway had no clear winners, at 7 entries total, but I’m extending this one from now till 02/01/2014. As with last time, this contest is open to residents of any continent save Antarctica, but is void where prohibited by law. The winner will be the owner of a 1st edition copy of Guy P. Harrison’s 2013 book, ‘Think: Why You Should Question Everything.’ Have a fantastic New Year, and good luck!

Click to go to the Giveaway on the Collect Call of Troythulu!

It’s Been a Crazy Year on the Call: 3rd Blogoversary

Well, here it is, the third anniversary of this site, launched during a gaming session this day in 2008, and with both the ups and downs, the joy and the sadness, it’s been a fantastic three years that I’ve been posting my crap, meeting incredible people, and expanding my social networking more than in the previous two years.

2011 for me has been the year of the cat, in both bad and good ways:

One of my favorite sites to visit was deleted by it’s owner only this last March, for reasons which I shall respect as I respect the awesome blogger who owned it…

Farewell =^Skeptic Cat^=

…while another of my cats passed away, old Mistykins, the second to go in as many years…

Goodbye, Mistykins...

but we also adopted a new kitten, the diabolical Mister Eccleston, named in a fit of T.S. Elliot and Doctor Who fandom, who is even now sharpening his claws and playing with his toys on my bedroom carpet in anticipation of more roughhousing amusement at the expense of my soon to be shredded hands!

Yay! Mister Eccles!

Also, this year marks the first giveaway contest for this site, of a new, hardback copy of Margaret Wertheim’s book, Physics on the Fringe: smoke rings, circlons, and alternative theories of everything, ending at 12:00 this morning, with the winner to be announced later this day.

My being a gamer, the winner shall be chosen by a roll of polyhedral dice after a number has been assigned to each contestant’s name(I’m looking at a d20 here…). The winner will be contacted by email, and I’ll set up the delivery arrangements then.

This last year has been a blast, and I hope that the coming new year will be better for all of us, at the very least a door for new opportunities, a fresh start, a clean slate, as a year yet to unfold should be.

Terry, Kate, _C_A_T_, TFIY, Carl, Dan, Kriss, Aliman, Marty, Cheryl, Laurie, Gideon, Diane, Katherine, and all those of you not mentioned who’ve commented, all this site’s subscribers who make this blog the adventure to post on it is, I wouldn’t…couldn’t… do this without you, so thank you, from the bottom of my eldritch heart!

[Last paragraph updated as of 12:54 am Dec 28, 2011]