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The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: 2014/08/24

English: Photo by E. O. Hoppe of author Sir Ar...

English: Photo by E. O. Hoppe of author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle seated, eyes downcast, in reflective pose. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

G’day, and happy Sunday! This week has been interesting so far. I’ve recently started a file on my Gods of Terra setting material, starting with blog drafts from across my sites, and while the first part of that project is finished, pending a more extensive draft of ALL current material, I’ve discovered errors, grievous ones, in some of the original blogs used for the file.

Those articles, mostly the remaining Eldritch Nine articles I’ve posted, have been taken offline for correction and further proofing before reposting them.

The reblogged versions of those posts will also be corrected when the originals are finished.

I’ll also put the About page back up when it’s finished, and no sooner.

Tamil study is coming along wonderfully now, as I no longer butcher the pronunciation of the vowels and consonants quite so badly as at first. Progress is mandatory, and I’m penning the draft for the piece on the mnemonics I’m using to learn the language’s abugida, its alpha-syllabary script, which looks absolutely gorgeous to my eye, but then, I’m biased.

This week, Monday will see the next posting of the updated Indra’s Pearls entry, and the beginning of new lectures now that I’m halfway through a course module despite delays from annoying moody spells. Nevermind that, though.

This week is looking up, and maybe, just maybe, I can convince Mr Eccles and Rockykins to not try taking over the world…We’ll see!



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Abiogenesis (Short Film)

Troythulu’s Weekly Gnuz Roundup for July 20, 2012

Hello to you all! This week was, unfortunately, far from completely uneventful for my Troythuluness, and especially yesterday morning when the air conditioner died on us, though that’s been fixed…at some considerable cost to the rent. Never mind that, though. I’ve picked up a new book, and noted my plans for a full review of it as late as next Wednesday, though I’m going through it fairly quickly and it should be done sooner. Yay me.

This Monday, I posted a TED video on the future of crime in an increasingly technological world, and an essay, The Affirmations of Positive Unbelief, part of which I might post on my “What is a Skeptic?” page at some point. Still haven’t done much on the sitemap and media page for this site, though I’m hoping to have time later this morning to work on it.

…So many things piling up…Grrr! or as Mister Eccles would say, *Mew!*

I also had a game going on at a friend’s place, and had a blast with my antihero slowly morphing over time into a villain, which was loads of fun, though his transformation to the Dark Side is not yet complete!

On Tuesday the ‘rent came home from a trip up north during the weekend to see relatives and attend a funeral, so it was just me and the kitties until later that evening.

I posted another fractal image this Wednesday, this time, like several of the more recent images, generated using Mandelbulber, quickly becoming my favorite app for this sort of thing. Also, I posted on Wednesday a video of Dick Feynman talking about atoms as “little jiggling things,” in his highly accessible descriptions of nature at the subatomic scale — hearing him makes Quantum Mechanics see much less weird, and that’s a good thing.

Yesterday, I posted this tribute to my kitten and to actor Christopher Eccleston,
and a cat-themed installment to my favorite webcomic, xkcd.

On Left Hemispheres, there’s Secularism, It’s Just Atheism, & a NOVA documentary What Darwin Never Knew

On the Six-Pack blog, Kriss has posted The I’m Late for Work News Roundup and I Don’t Wanna Be Special in God’s Eyes

Finally, by dance group Quixotic Fusion,

Dancing with Light

Good morning, and have a great weekend! I’ll be posting stat updates in next Friday’s installment…See you then!