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Fractals of the Week | Newton’s Bounty, So Passing Strange

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 13.38.40

Here I’ve a few wallpapers from a parameter set using Fractal Domains as an example of how useful older apps can remain. I’ve still not found a version of the Mandelbulber app that will work with my current OS, El Capitan, so I’m forced to find new methods with apps that may seem at first more limited. FD is the first app I ever used, and the most limited. FD uses only 4 fractal types; Newton, Halley, Mandelbrot set (and its corresponding Julia sets), and a more generalized Mandelbrot set, kinda, sorta, using a method of finding ratios which allows more variation in formula exponents, like z^3, z^4, and so on, instead of only z^2 as with the regular M-set. These are all created from the same Newton fractal parameter set, and vary by far in differences in the formula numerator.

Small changes can have a big effect! Double-click to macro-transscalify each image to full size!





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