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Bruce M. Hood – Why We Believe in the Unbelievable | For Good Reason [52:25]

Uploaded by on Jan 6, 2012

Bruce M. Hood discusses why so many people believe in the supernatural despite the lack of evidence, explaining that it may have something to do with how our brains are wired. He draws a distinction between religious supernatural beliefs, which are culturally determined, and more universal secular supernatural beliefs such as mind-body dualism and causality. He explains how such magical thinking may be socially advantageous and how even skeptics engage in supersense thinking. He also warns against the unscrupulous individuals who take advantage of what is a natural disposition in the majority of people.

Make Mine a Granola with Almonds…

This is about something that one of my Twitter friends, @Tao23 sent me a while back. It’s pseudoscience with an emphasis on the “pseudo-” and this is just one of the things that pisses me off about many promoters of woo woo.

‘Energy bars’ in your head that let you magically fulfill your every ambition if only you learn to access them?? WTF?? I’m not sure what to make of this.

I don’t know how to express the contempt they seem to have for the intelligence of their clients, and no, it doesn’t matter how much of this they really believe themselves.

Nope, even being totally sincere in making claims like these is no excuse…

…Never mind that the only energy bars that actually exist are the ones you unwrap and eat.

It’s normally my policy not to do this, but this truly deserves “that image” since anything less would give this too much credibility, so here it is peeps…

Sanal Edamaruku Skeptically Pwns Tantrik on Live Television [Reposted]

Sanal Edamaruku, President of Rationalist International and the Indian Rationalist Society, challenges tantrik Pandit Surendra Sharma, to use his magical powers to kill him on national television, and seems most amused throughout the attempt, even to third part where the tantrik, with some assistance, tries the Ultimate Destruction Ritualâ„¢…to no effect on Sanal, who remains very much alive as of this writing… Woo… gotta love it.

The Woo is Strong on eBay

OMCC. A friend forwarded this to me and it reminds me of an episode of the Skeptics Guide where a haunted doll on eBay was discussed, along with several others like it.

(Warning: The following link leads to a listing with an image file that may be inappropriate for minors.) This is a – get this – “booty enhancement” spell casting.

For real. I sh*t you not.

No, I’m really not kidding, and this appears to be a genuine listing – though the actual efficacy of the service offered for purchase is highly dubious – in addition to the other hilarious listings it links to.

I wonder if eBay’s buyer protection policy would apply here? Apparently not, given that the item and those listed with it remain on sale. Ah well, to each her own…

As of this writing, the sellers seem to have sold 20 of them, though one wonders at the need to use occult magic to get a great ass instead of diet, workouts or medical assistance.

Maybe I’m being judgmental, but it seems when nothing else has been or can be done, literally magical solutions to mundane problems are the easy answer, I suppose…