Logico Fractatus | “I Shall Call It — Mini-Mandelbrot.”

Vanakkam. Today’s image is courtesy of Frax Pro, here a deep zoom of a border region along the valley of the Mandelbrot set’s main cardioid, the heart-shaped area of the figure located in quadrants one and four on the complex plane. I found this one worth keeping in my files, as I dislike it less than some others generated in the same batch of images. Others shall be relegated to my Bad Fractals folder, or condemned to permanent status as mere gradient maps for coloring better looking images. I’m releasing this piece into the public domain.

Tf. Tk. Tts.


Logico Fractatus | City of Quartz: Happy Thanksgiving for 2018!

Next week will see the second installment of Cruel Parodies, my SF critter design series, featuring a twisted, hideous mockery of the official Traveller universe’s freebooting wolves of space, the Vargr, and free of copyright violations. This Thanksgiving day, though, I, bring you a recent DeviantART upload, one of my best fractal transparencies to date, City of Quartz. Enjoy the holiday or whatever other event or festival(s) you celebrate this month, and I’ll see you next week!

Logico Fractatus | Halloweenius

Vanakkam. Here’s a thing I did, something to celebrate my favorite holiday, a few days before it happens. Personally, I think Halloween should be all year long, so here’s a new wallpaper for you. Double-click the image for full size.

Tf. Tk. Tts.


Logico Fractatus | Indra’s Spirals [1]

Today’s piece is something I created on Ultra Fractal 6 using the Indra’s Promise formula, and a multi-layered mix of its sub-formulas and color gradients. I’m working on a Halloween-themed image for later this month, so until then or the next post, whichever comes first ….

Tf. Tk. Tts.

Logico Fractatus | The Far Shores of Madness

Vanakkam. Here’s a new fractal, at 3600×3600 pixels resolution, shown for the first time here. It’s suitable for a 12″x12″ print at 300 dpi. Enjoy.


Logico Fractatus | Valentine’s Day, 2018

To my readership, friends, and family: Ricky the cat and I wish a happy Valentine’s Day to all who celebrate it.

Logico Fractatus | Bad Fractals – Part 2

G’day, O fine humans! For this installment, I’ve another Bad Fractal, with its less-than-awful twin following. I’ll first show what’s wrong with the image, then tell you how I fixed it in the second take . . . .

This one looks innocent enough, but here, note the tiny silvery dot at the origin point, right at the center of the picture. I’ve used orbit traps with both of these pictures, but in the image above, they are too small, and the very largest of them can barely be seen, while the others are invisible! While the color mapping (the algorithm that assigns a color to each point in the image) is not that bad, the pseudo-3D effect of the orbit traps is useless and mars the image. So . . .

. . . With this one, I magnified the orbit traps up to 500 times the base size, and chose circular traps with just the right coloration to look like an eyeball with jointed tentacles. I’ve left the exterior regions unchanged, at least in this version. In Fractal Domains, the app I used for these, the circle and square orbit traps are the smallest for some shapes, and often require being scaled up much more drastically than stalk orbit traps based on real or imaginary number coordinates, those points on the complex number plane used to render the fractals. I’ve also reduced the number of colors available, keeping the image from being too busy or blurring into each other and spoiling the lines of the image!

So, I’ll be back soon with more Bad Fractals and their less-awful mirror-universe counterparts, and until then,

Tf. Tk. Tts.

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