Quid Novi? | An Oncoming Storm

Vanakkam! I’ve scheduled today’s and this Thursday’s entry early, as my family and I ready for a storm that’s on its way up the coast, and head to a place we’ll be staying at once we leave town for the duration. The governor has already ordered mandatory evacuations for our area, and I won’t be one to argue against that, considering the danger the region will face. Our home will surely lose power during the storm, which may not be restored until days afterward, so away we go until all is ready. We’re taking the kitties with us, and whatever we can safely carry with us to a high-and-dry spot further inland. To any Virginia locals reading this: if you’re in a designated evacuation zone, seek whatever safety you can and don’t try to ride this one out by yourselves. We made that mistake with Hurricane Isabel some years ago, and we were damned lucky that little but a mere power outage and irritating Internet blackout happened. No more. Stay cool, or warm, depending on your hemisphere and latitude of residence on the planet, and if a fellow Hampton Roads local, stay safe and well-stocked.

Tf. Tk. Tts.