Hey There Cthulhu: The Photomontage Video

ebenbrooks | July 06, 2008 | 5,244 likes, 111 dislikes

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Having made a better audio recording of “Hey There Cthulhu” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut82TDjc

­iSg) using a karaoke track of “Hey There Delilah” (from the album Karaoke Bash Vol. 3 (p) 2007 by Starlight Karaoke), I decided to do a photomontage-style video for it using artwork and photographs I’ve come across in my travels through these Intarwebs. So here it is!

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Sanity Roll… Unspeakable Horror…

I first saw this one on Wil Wheaton’s blog after a Twitter friend of mine pointed me at it (Thnx Kat!). Considering the Weird Tale approach of my online persona and some of the other material on this blog, an Old Spice commercial featuring the Dread Lord of Rlyeh himself, Great Cthulhu would be just perfect…and hilarious as the Outer Void, especially the references to the Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu RPG. Try not to drink or eat anything while watching…

…I’d hate to have you spew onto your keyboard from laughing after failing your sanity check.

Cthulhu Ftaghn!