Quid Novi? | Commentators’ Guidelines Addendum

I’ve posted this elsewhere on the site just yesterday, though I’ve been using the policy unwritten but de facto for several years now. I’ve officially updated my Commentators’ Guidelines page with the following addendum. ~Troythulu

I believe firmly in free speech up to a point, and it has come to my attention that at least one reader has attempted to comment on posts only to have their comments wind up in this blog’s spam folder for meeting Akismet’s criteria for spam.

I’ve used for the last several years a strict policy of deleting such comments as brevity in this blog’s comment threads is a virtue and a Good Thing™ for the aging eyes and limited time of other commenters and myself. It also saves me time otherwise spent offline in posting any needed responses in a thread.

Please keep any comments, even if a previously approved commenter, concise, succinct, and with as few links as possible. If you need to post anything over 75 words, please post it in full on your own site and post a brief comment with a link to the appropriate comment thread here.

I, my cats, and the other readers thank you for your consideration.

For example: https://troythulu.net/2017/06/10/ubi-dubium-the-three-faces-of-skepticism/ Skepticism is both a set of intellectual and ethical values as well as a process, a set of methods, not merely an identity or a label. Any yahoo can call themselves a skeptic. If you ignore skeptical values or methods in what you do, then you aren’t being skeptical.

Tf. Tk. Tts.

The Call of the Spam Box…

Today I thought that I’d have a little fun posting on something I got recently in the spam folder of my Yahoo! account.

I’m wondering if owners of the website linked to in the text (with the rel=”nofollow” command, of course) actually intended me to receive it, or perhaps sent it by mistake.

No matter…

I’ve provided a screenshot of the home page of their website:

Here’s a copy of the email’s text for your amusement:

ICCHP – Israeli Chamber of Complementary Health Professions
Invites you to:
“The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine”
Jerusalem, October 2010

Dear colleagues,
We, the professional associations of complementary health professions in Israel,  invite you to this special meeting, aimed to enrich each other with the cumulative knowledge from all of our clinics, researches, and philosophical diversity.

The conference hosts workshops and lecturers of leading professionals from many countries which come to share knowledge and create a modern, advanced dialogue between the various worlds of medicine.

We look forward to meeting you in the conference, get to know each other on a personal level, strengthen ties between our associations in the various countries and promote the burning issues common to us all: – the integration of alternative medicine in medical institutions, regulation of complementary professions in different countries, developing the training, and enriching mutual knowledge accumulated in these areas .

The main professional issues in the conference will be the following:
Oncology  *  Medicinal plants  *   chronic pain  *    Preventive medicine and supportive medicine   *  Integrative models in divisions of the medical establishment   *   Laughter and humor    *   infertility    *   Pediatrics   *   Homeopathy   *   Professional ethics    *   Special lectures  *    surveys and workshops

For additional information please visit our website at: http://www.altmedor.com/44554/English

Ophir Sela,
Chairman of the ICCHP
Israel Reflexology Association
Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy (IACH)
The Israeli Feldenkrais Guild
Israeli massage and bodywork association
IPEC Therapist Association
Practitioners Association of Structural Integration – Rolfing Israel
Israeli Association for Lousky Method Therapists
I.R.U – Israel Reiki Unity
Elbaum Therapists Association Israel

please Unsubscribe me

Well, considering my pseudo-skeptical situation as a dogmatically fervent shill of the evil Evidence-Based Medical Establishment© conspiracy, it came as no surprise to me to learn on a recent rationalist podcast, (Click Me Here) that a good portion of the alternative health industry in the U.S. alone, a booming business enterprise which is worth billions of dollars a year worldwide, is ironically owned by many of the very same large privately-operated commercial entities that so many alt-med promoters openly criticize.

…even the seeming small-business “mom & pop” pharmacy outlets.

…How else would James Randi be able to go to the local drug-store, in almost any modern city in the world, and buy an entire bottle of homeopathic sleeping tablets to completely down the whole contents, without effect I might add, during every one of his recent public talks on the dangers and pitfalls of woo.

…and I must add that he’s been doing it for years, in many of his prior talks.

It’s not a bit surprising to my Troythuluness. Not even a wee bit.

The Call of the Comment Threads

Each day, I gaze with trepidation at the comments box on this site’s admin page, unspeakable dread consuming my soul and sanity as I behold what eldritch horrors are unleashed upon me by those nameless terrors from the Outer Void, my commenters.

I get some rather colorful feedback in the comments threads of this site, and unfortunately, for whatever reason, I don’t always have the time or opportunity to properly respond.

This post is the first in an ongoing and intermittent series, my first opportunity to devote a little time to some of the more colorful thread posts from the last year and a half.

For one of my older posts on the contrasts between the SETI program and UFOlogy, prolific Hugo award winning fantasy author of three books, world-class professional pilot and erudite UFO scholar Don from Canada had this bit of coherent, brilliant and succinct wit to bestow upon this ‘unread debunker…’

You can use all of the cop-out words you want like Mythology and UFO believers (Do you understand the meaning of that UFO, incidentally-how can anyone believe in an as yet unidentified flying object), but that’s not going to solve the myriad of UFO sightings by pilots and astronomers and armed forces personnel, police and the hundreds of thousands of witnesses-millions by now- who report these things. Cripes you used every cliche word i the debunker lexicon except ‘flying saucers’ (incidentally the USAF and other air forces used this word for 5 or 6 years before they coined the unidentified flying object to use in their pilot /crew reports). Too often in the skeptical community these are the only arguments put forward-in the guise of science but simply pronouncements not supported by fact. I am a pilot myself and I haven’t spent the last twenty years looking into these cases to be fopped off by the Sherme-ites with just pronouncements rather than hard fact. You claim that there are excellent studies done by those who subscribe to the Skeptical Inquirer. I’ve never seen this to be true, nor can any of the soft science on these sites be disputed because it’s closed list.
Anyway, any unread debunker can make up a blog site. The contents of these blogs is usually personal and un-researched opinion. Throwing around Sagan’s name will not prove a damn thing-and to use the nutball/religious flakes Sagan used as his detractors in Contact is just plain silly.
You really have to get off your pedestal and get down here in the research end and see what pops up. Google around and find out which scientists, engineers and physicists are looking seriously at a phenomenon that seems to have been a round for many hundreds of years. If nothing else air encounters are a menace and a hazard to flight and still NOT solved for the most part.

…Well! I just hope he has a well-payed editor if he writes books the way he does comments! I also found it a bit difficult to climb back onto the pedestal with him taking up all the room at the top while ranting from the screaming heights of megalomania, but one of my other readers decided to lend me a hand, and her response was more timely and much less abrasive than what I was thinking at the time, which involved cyber-flaying Don slowly over an open digital fire and poking his exposed virtual entrails with sharp objects.

Pumpkin, from Virginia had this to say in response to the previous without a hint of Malice…

OKay, hang on.. I’m not a skeptic in fact I have my own beliefs on aliens and my own thoughts stem from my own belief system. While everyone is entitled to there own opinions I find the fact that you are abusing that right. You mention Cop-Out words when Troythulu expressed that these are his views and not scientific rather his own journey and thoughts. Its hard not to know the definition of UFO but no matter how you look at it until there is actual solid proof any views on such things is a hypothesis. Anything in air space that isn’t yet identified can be classified as a UFO. You quote hundred of thousands of people as witness’s and no matter how many of them see something That’s not good enough, because of the constructive nature of human perception and memory. Anyone can think they see something but actually evidence is harder, since its oh so easy to photo-shop things these days.

As for using words in the de-bunkers lexicon each person has there own views and use there own terminologies for everything. You yourself seem to miss the ETH views.Siting information from the 1940′s-1960′s which is also the time that “flying saucers” were actually noted to be so. Given the large silver discs that were said to be seen.A Gallup poll from August 1947 found that 90% had heard about the mysterious flying saucers or flying discs, note had heard of them. You also mention the United States Air Force but are in Canada yourself, educating yourself I would assume, than you would know that the government itself debunked these. Here you can see and of course the BBC in England as well here CLick ME I personally do not disbelieve they are in existence but I also feel that I need more proof. Feel free to give links to support your view. As for the Skeptical Inquirer that was never mentioned in this post.

Also it would be nice if you respected the blog of people and not down talk to them over things. Telling others to get off there pedestal is both arrogant and presumptuous the use of bad language is just rude. No one’s cursing at you. Were all adults here I would like to think, and this is a discussion not a argument. More than one view being supported.

Excellent! I couldn’t have put it better! It’s nice to see that most of my readers are saner than the raving lunatics I sometimes deal with. Thank you, Pumpkin.

For my even older entry on the concept of Occam’s Razor, self-styled psychic healer and genius blogger Craig from California, had a bit of profound New Age wisdom to impart to me…

I think there is a problem with some of the logic here. One mistake a lot of people make is to take current physics theories for “the way things are.” To quote the song, -it ain’t necessarily so-.

We know that there is consciousness at the quantum level, reality isn’t there when we’re not observing it and all things in the universe are tied together in a way we don’t understand, but which has no regard for distance. No one has figured this all out. For all we know, the Holographic universe model may prevail. If that turns out to be the case, then the speed of light is irrelevant. There are other ways to cross the universe which we haven’t imagined yet.

The The problem here is that things are so wide open that it is so easy to be wrong that it’s better to be neutral. The truth about UFO’s for instance is that you and I lack the evidence to have an educated opinion. Pictures can be faked, videos can be doctored, eyewitness accounts may be wrong, granted, but all of them? Some things just have to be left in doubt.

Well, Craig. First, I have to congratulate you on the use of the Appeal to Quantum Physics logical fallacy (Thanks to Brian Dunning for that one!) in your argument, since it makes perfect sense to use something that depends on reality, such as science, to ‘debunk’ reality, as self-contradictory as that may be. Masterful obfuscation! Bravo!

I’ll have to call you on a straw man, though, since I never argued the current physics is ‘the way things are,’ but only ‘as we currently understand things to be.’ Note the distinction between them.

If no one has figured out that reality isn’t there when it’s not being observed, and that everything in the universe is tied together in ways no one understands, I’m interested in finding out how you know and understand this! Please, help me out here, I’m a little curious…

And yes, if you really want to know, it is entirely possible for every picture to be faked, every video to be doctored and, I know this is a stretch, every eyewitness account to be wrong. Your personal inability to accept, comprehend or imagine something places no constraints on reality.

Let’s face it, the tired old ‘where there’s smoke there must be fire’ canard needs to be taken out and put to final rest, since you can multiply zero by infinity and the product will still be zero.

I really have yet to see any reason to call your motives or sincerity into question, since I’m not psychic and can’t get inside your head, but I’m finding your arguments to be less and less credible as time goes on.

…and, speaking of raving lunatics, Claudio, who commented on a Michael Shermer YouTube video I had posted on Out of Body experiments using magnetic fields, had this bit of deep logical insight to volunteer…

The fact that the brain received magnetic fields does not proved that the brain “created the experiences”.
Our soul receives physical imput through our senses and the brain. It is logical that our soul reacts to the magnetic input.
This experiment does not prove that the brain can cause our soul to be on another country instantaneously, telepathy, etc.
It’s like saying “by typing in the keyboard of this computer I conclude that the keyboard is responsible to make me go to any website in the internet.”

Besides, there is a huge physical evidence of existance of ghosts (is that caused by our brains too?). Are the brains of animals useless? Only ours are good?

We are not a physical body, we are powerful “energy” beings connected in a huge multidimensional/multiuniverse network that some people call “God.”

Well, what to say, what to say…It seems to me from the generous use of scare quotes around the terminology used and highly coherent writing style that you are just as confused as I about exactly what you mean, though there is a certainty, a conviction, expressed in your claims despite this confusion that suggests a dire need to seek professional help.

And soon. Do it before you get into serious trouble. Believe me — Been there. Done that. Got the tee-shirt to prove it.

Well, that’s it for now. Critical feedback is every bit as important as the supportive sort, the latter exemplified by Pumpkin’s response to Don, but the former is fun to respond to as well, appropriately and on my own terms and in my own time. Keep your comments coming, supportive or critical, and you might see them posted on the homepage for good…or bad…depending on the comment and on my personal level of snarkitude and general vileness at the time.

As James Randi might say, “Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening as the case may be.”