Mr. Eccles Presents | OCC the Skeptical Caveman: A Lie by Any Other Name

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If You Claim ….

This piece has been rewritten and updated since its original posting date of mid-2009. This has been mostly to expand text and to shift emphasis from beliefs to claims, which I think most rightly demand skeptical scrutiny over belief, which is more personal and subjective. Claims can be shared intersubjectively, after all. (8/5/18) ~Troythulu

The following was inspired by a post by Skepdude on the Skepfeeds blog…Enjoy.

If you claim that the pyramids of ancient human civilizations were built by aliens or Atlanteans, you’re probably wrong.

If you claim that conventional explanations for unusual phenomena are always contrived and implausible because you don’t understand them, you’re wrong.

If you claim that believing something really, really hard makes it true, you’re wrong.

If you claim that objective truth or reality doesn’t exist, and that this is objectively true or real, you’re wrong.

If you claim that cold reading, hot reading, the Forer effect and the Ideomotor effect are myths because they are used to refute psychic powers or some other personal favorite claim, you’re wrong.

If you claim that superstition and magical thinking are always and everywhere healthy and needed for humanity’s long-term survival, you’re probably wrong.

If you claim that the Iron Age religious rules you follow metaphysically apply to everyone on Earth, including those of us not of your religion, you’re wrong.

If you claim that ancient myths are literally true historical accounts even with no validated corroborating accounts from independent sources, you’re wrong.

If you claim that electromagnetism and not gravity is the principal large-scale binding force of the Cosmos, given the evidence, you’re wrong.

If you claim that the laws of physics are different on Earth than they are in space, you’re in all likelihood wrong.

If you claim that invoking a conspiracy to dismiss a telling lack of evidence for a crank theory is logically valid, you’re wrong.

If you claim that human evolution was influenced by ancient astronauts from the stars, you’re probably wrong.

If you claim that the planets Nibiru or Tiamat actually exist and can or will cause catastrophic disasters on Earth, given the lack of evidence for these planets as claimed, you’re wrong.

If you claim that those who don’t believe in the paranormal are in fact deeply afraid of it or wedded to naive materialism, you’re probably wrong.

If I claim that I cannot possibly be wrong about any of the above claims, then I’m probably wrong, and likely to look very silly should any of them turn out to be in fact true … but I’m not holding my breath on that.