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The Call’s Gnuz & Lynx Roundup | #Paris #Beirut #Baghdad

G’day. This last weekend was the time of the awful terror attacks in Paris, Beirut, and in Baghdad, resulting in scores dead and hundreds injured. ISIL, also referred to as Daesh, has taken credit for the attacks and this travesty on a monumental scale. To paraphrase twitterer @LEDFlashing, it shows how those who can’t succeed on the merits of their ideas need terror as their messenger. This is a recipe for failure in the free market of ideas, and they who so fail shall be left behind by those of us who’ve grown up and moved forward. Here’s an animated clip of Carl Sagan’s monologue from his book, Pale Blue Dot, which notes the futility and instability of unthinking brutality and rule by fear on such a tiny world as ours, a world barely a fraction of a dot.


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Toyota Vios Commercial – Sea Monster


Beyond the Horizon | Symphony of Science

Welp, I’m blogging a couple of days earlier than expected, and below I offer the latest Symphony of Science piece, with a 13 word story to follow later this morning. Stay cool, stay cosmic, and in the Kai’Siri tongue of Soruggon

TfTkTts. (Talotaa frang, Talotaa kas, Talotaa tranga suulat.)

Created in collaboration with The Planetary Society on their 35th anniversary. Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Emily Lakdawalla and Carl Sagan reflect humanity’s next frontier: beyond the horizon.

Special thanks to everyone at the Planetary Society for making this song & video possible! Check out all the awesome things they are doing at http://planetary.org

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Bill Nye:
We are at a time in history where we can change the world
What do we want to pass on to future generations?
That we just stayed here on Earth, that we didn’t look out
to find out where we come from and are we alone?
We want to pass on this joy. This excitement.

Neil deGrasse Tyson:
When a nation dreams big, everything falls into place.

Beyond the horizon
Over the next hill
That’s where we make discoveries

That’s the next frontier

It is in us to look farther and deeper
It’s deep within us
That is why we are all here
Over the next hill, beyond the horizon

Dream of tomorrow
Long for the open seas
Call for this adventure

Dream big
Dream of tomorrow
Long for the open seas

Emily Lakdawalla:
There are lots of huge frozen worlds
Caught beyond Neptune
Huge frozen worlds
Seek out these other worlds

Hundreds of other worlds
Caught beyond Neptune
Seek out these other worlds


Audacious visions have the power to alter mindsets
To change assumptions about what is possible



If we are to discover life on another world,
It will change the way everyone feels about what it is to be a living thing in the Cosmos.

Is a virus alive? Is crystal alive?
Does life need this, does life need liquid water?
Is a virus alive? Does life have metabolism?
Does life need, life need, life need, life need this?

Is a virus alive? Is crystal alive?
They’re asking these questions

Bill Nye:
Working together I claim we can
Change the world!

Carl Sagan:

There’s just a tremendously exciting prospect called solar sailing
And it works exactly as an ordinary sailboat does

It takes you to where you wanna go
It’s a whole new kind of idea
It travels on the wind from the sun

These dreams prevail in the citizen’s ambitions.

It is time to set sail for the 21st Century.


Find your place in space
Space is vast and unexplored
And there’s a lot of work to do.

The Call’s Gnuz & Lynx Roundup | 2015.09.06

English: Neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks a...

English: Neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks at the 2009 Brooklyn Book Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This last week comes with sad tidings, with the death by cancer of neuroscientist and brilliant neuroscience popularizer, Oliver Sacks. We’ve lost a giant, one who like all great human beings is truly irreplaceable.

This week also saw, as of Thursday, the new posting schedule for this blog projected to continue through this month and October, after which I’ll decide on updating it, tweaking it as necessary.

The Demon-Haunted World

The Demon-Haunted World (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve begun rereading Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World, and listening to the audiobook as well. My goal is to read it 100 times, every chapter, passage, and datum so that I know it by heart. That will also require copious note-taking, which is always good.

I hope things go well this new week for all of us, as opposed to something like an outbreak of cat zombies, which would just be…wrong, on so many levels!

Talotaa frang, talotaa kas, talotaa tranga suulat.

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Q&A – The Story of Life

Caturday’s Astrophenia | 2015.09.05

Illustration of the relative sizes, albedos, a...

Illustration of the relative sizes, albedos, and colours of the largest trans-Neptunian objects (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

G’day, and happy Caturday. As of Thursday the current blogging schedule began, and fortunately things have been busy. This week, there was a satellite launch via Atlas V booster, and news of the extension of the New Horizons probe’s mission out past Pluto, deeper into the Kuiper belt of trans-Neptunian objects (Whew! I almost typed trans-Newtonian! – Huge difference!). On the Pluto flyby, the really cool thing was the naming of a whole, kinda whale-shaped region of Pluto after Cthulhu, and another was Mordor from LoTR. There are some really nifty images with this piece, excepting this week’s newly captioned Cat for Ze Caturday, the dire and infamous Mr. Eccles plotting mischief with the home furnishings. May you always find at least a few clear nights out of the month, and reach for the stars!

Talotaa frang, talotaa kas, talotaa tranga suulat.

M31: The Andromeda Galaxy

Pluto in Enhanced Color

Distant Neutrinos Detected Below Antarctic Ice

The Flare and the Galaxy

ARP 159 and NCG 4725

Milky Way with Airglow Australis

Atlas V Rising

Image of the Week:

Proxima Centauri – Hubble

Weekly Astrognuz:

What Do Other Planets Sound Like?

Ice Loss: Greenland and Antarctica lost 5 trillion tons since 2002

New Ultrathin Optical Devices Shape Light in Exotic Ways

Searching for Life… and Death… in the Universe

The (Possible) Dwarf Planet 2007 OR10

Aurora: Intense activity seen in Sweden

At Saturn, One of These Rings is not like the Others

The NASA K2 Mission: Extending Kepler’s Legacy

More Spectacular Images From the MUOS-4 Launch

Photobomb: ISS transits the Sun by Thierry Legault

NASA’s TES Satellite Instruments Gives New Insight into Water Cycle

Big Picture Science Radio Show – What Lies Beneath

A Fiery End for Kosmos 1315 Over Hawaii

Global Warming: Sea levels are rising rapidly

What Happened to Early Mars’ Atmosphere: New Study Eliminates One Theory

SETI Institute Carl Sagan Center Stars…

A God’s Eye View of the Universe

via SpaceRip

 Evil monkey-cat…museth evil things…

IMG_0735 (1)

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