Human beings can fool themselves, and occasionally like to fool others for reasons of their own.

People fabricate extraordinary events, be they fake Bigfoot bodies on ice, grainy UFO pictures using toy models or ’57 Chevy hub caps, or bizarre conspiracies invented from whole cloth.

In an era of fake news and political corruption, we need to navigate a minefield of misleading and completely bogus claims of things that even of they involve something tangible, are clearly not what they seem when closely examined.

This page will serve as a home for links to posts on this blog and other online resources dealing with faked events, outrageous scams, and fabricated artifacts . . . things bogus and illusory intended to misinform the unwary and gull the innocent, sometimes for malign purposes.

Gullibility kills, and we can all be gullible when the right buttons are pushed by clever hoaxers.