Podcast Spotlight | Naked Diner

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Sometimes when beginning my week I need to listen to a show with a catchy intro tune; with hosts engaging in light, often enlightening, banter; a show with extraordinary guests from a variety of unusual backgrounds. It’s a show that even gets Eccles the cat’s attention as I listen to it weekly each Monday.

That show would be the Naked Diner podcast.

With hosts Jack Matirko and Andy Hall, the show is now well and going strong into its 21st episode, with the extraordinary Dese’Rae L. Stage as show guest, who is also a good follow on Twitter @deseraestage and @lttphoto with more about her valuable work on suicide prevention at Live Through This:.

The show is available for subscription and downloading on iTunes, Android, or via regular RSS.

You can find Andy’s blog on Patheos at Laughing in Disbelief, or on Twitter @LaughPurgatory, and contact Jack at ZXH-Creative, who tweets as @LEDFlashing.

Did I mention that the intro tune is catchy too? I did? Cool. We’re good, then.

Subscribe, or miss out on a great show.

If you like the show, you can support it by visiting the podcast’s Amazon shop, and comment, rate, or leave a review on iTunes.

Podcast Spotlight | #TheESP: The European Skeptics Podcast

(This post has been rewritten and updated, on 2016.02.15)

Hi guys. I’d like to point you all in the direction of a great new show, The European Skeptics Podcast, featuring your hosts, András Pintér, Jelena Levin, and Pontus Böckman. It’s moving well along, and evolving nicely, already into Episode #009 as of this update.

The ESP features news and updates on skeptical organizations across Europe and sometimes features interviews with active skeptics from throughout the continent and elsewhere.

Originally biweekly, the show now airs each week. The show includes a segment on logical fallacies, news items of concern for the skeptical movement in Europe, a discussion of listener feedback, the occasional aforementioned interview or two, and others.

The intro and outro music features Song for Skeptics by Keisha Gray and George Hrab, and that’s always a nice, mellow way to start and end the show. I also get a kick from the Outtakes segment at the very end of the show as well, and there’s always a good quote to conclude the show proper.

Follow them on Twitter: @espodcast_eu, email them at, and Like them on Facebook.

Do check them out! Subscribe via RSS, on iTunes, and on Stitcher as well!


[Podcast] Lost Hominids Ep. 8-Special Guests Andy and I With Steve, Adam, and Nick off doing holiday related activities Andrew Scott Hall and  I step in to join Jack in a rousing conversation about art, comedy, and culture.

Barely Domesticated Ep. 38-Prop 86

From the Sunny Shores of Gila Bay.

This week the ZXH Creative team retake the studio from Paragon Limited. Johnny Spin welcome’s back Dr. Aluiscious McGrath to the show to further discuss the proposition to remove The Thing from the Bay. Listener Soundoff, a family planning ad, and local breaking news.

So Strange and Awesomositous was the Week…

Welp, I’ve not blogged much this week, much less of many of the feature segments on this and my other sites, save for my Tumblr page at a rate of five posts per day.

I’ve been taking care of things lately, including assisting in the care of the now emasculated Nimbus the kitty, AKA Mr. Eccle’s new arch foe with fuzz and cattitude. Nimbus’s visit to the vets went well, as did Thursday’s recording session for an upcoming episode of Jack Matirko’s show, the Barely Domesticated podcast (check that one out on iTunes or Stitcher, and you may want to pick up a copy of the Miskatonic University Beginner’s Guide to Old Ones Yoga).

Yesterday’s game was a blast too. This week left me exhausted.

This has left me with only time for a few posts on this blog and little time for lectures, but that’s alright. I’ll make time.

But next week I’ve got lectures and blogging to catch up on, including posts on sites that haven’t seen much activity lately. I’m generating new images for fractal quotes, poems, and memes, and have been working on the Tempest, AKA ‘Stormy’ (formerly the Tempus, which sounds too much like a job description, so I changed it) the fourth and final god of Terra, who I’ll be writing on soon, after writing on her master, It Who Scratches at the Gates, one of the other only survivors of the Nine who are One into the present day (…or is it?…after all, we could be dealing with things elsewhen here…hint, hint).

I’ve time to compose new poems, view lectures, work on notes, generate images, and combine these with blogging, starting with the Weekly Roundup tomorrow and others. Thanks to all of you for your readership over the years. I hope to make things on these sites better still.

Back to work and play at once, and on the same things.

So Strange remains the Week…

English: Lolcat from :Image:Cat crying.jpg Tex...

English: Lolcat from :Image:Cat crying.jpg Text ideated by cary at #wikimedia-commons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some friends and I went to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy this Caturday, everything going so well that day that it left me in a state that has been best described by Bad Astronomer Phil Plait as ‘furiously happy,’ kinda like after seeing the Doctor Who episode “the Doctor Dances.” I was unable to sleep for several hours into the morning until finally drifting off.

I was so wound up as to be in no condition to blog this morning, and this week I’ll need to wind down a bit so I can focus on doing passable posts, making up for lost sleep, and on the two math lecture series I’m viewing this week! My posting schedule will be somewhat spotty though I’m not officially on a break, so there will be…stuff published this week, especially pre-scheduled posts, plus this Friday, the last draft installment and finale of my fiction piece “Dirge.”

Stay brilliant. Who knows what the week holds?

Barely Domesticated Ep. 36- #SaveTheThing

From the sunny shores of Gila Bay.

This episode addresses the other side of the Thing in the Bay debate, featuring Troythulu as the inimitable Dr. Alouicious McGrath.

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