Quid Novi? | 2019.08.24

Vanakkam. Posting on the Call of Troythulu has been slow over the last couple of weeks, as you’ve probably noticed, and that’s because of a major transition for me and my family, one ongoing for the last few months for us, and one that I’m not at liberty to discuss on a publicly accessible blog.

So, through the rest of this month and the next, I’ll continue posting on this site from time to time, so it’s not a complete blogcation. I simply cannot find (or make) the time to post on anything close to a regular schedule.

But I’ll return to regular or semiregular once the current mess boils down, so till then, and in romanized Soruggon…

…Talotaa frang. Talotaa kas. Talotaa tranga suulaat.

Commenting below. No spam or trolling, or my cats will be angry.

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