Gods of Terra Primer | The Markov-Dunori Supernormal Power-Level Scale


The various military and intelligence organizations of the Local Galaxy use a standardized tiered system for classifying supernormal power levels using both a descriptor class and a letter rating, the five descriptor classes are ranked by relative or potential destructive power or energy output, with each class being subdivided into five orders of magnitude using letters, pictograms, or other symbolic script in the local language. The rating is then used to identify the threat-level of a supernormal being in a combat encounter according to on-site observations of their abilities in the field, according to any existing records of previous encounters, or records of any formal testing of their abilities under controlled conditions. On-site, field instruments mounted on combat or scouting craft may be used to measure and rate any energy-signature a being emits in the exercise of their powers, and multiple such observations can be statistically averaged to give a general rating, which is then entered into any files on that being for future encounters.

Below are the descriptor levels by name given in proto-Anglic, (present day English) and for the purposes of this post, I’ll use Roman letters for the subratings for each descriptor. Baselines of any non-psionic species are not rated in this system, only those possessing active psionic powers or other supernormal abilities not normally found in that species or in baseline humans. The Class-A Mauler is equivalent in energy-output to about ten times baseline human physical strength, or just above the strength of a large gorilla. This can take the form of more subtle energetic effects, like long-range sensory powers, as well as those that exert more viscerally physical effects like thermokinetic, electrokinetic, or quantakinetic abilities:


A: 10^1

B: 10^2

C: 10^3

D: 10^4

E: 10^5


A: 10^6

B: 10^7

C: 10^8

D: 10^9

E: 10^10


A: 10^11

B: 10^12

C: 10^13

D: 10^14

E: 10^15


A: 10^16

B: 10^17

C: 10^18

D: 10^19

E: 10^20


A: 10^21

B: 10^22

C: 10^23

D: 10^24

E: 10^25

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