Mr. Eccles Presents | Blasphemy Laws as Tools of Oppression

From the YouTube page:

Robyn Blumner, President and CEO of the Center for Inquiry, warns that blasphemy laws are being used as tools of oppression against atheists. “Any law that criminalizes apostasy or the defamation of religion is an unjust law.”

Delivered September 18, 2018 at the 39th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

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Thank you, Mr. President, The Center for Inquiry stands for the rights of atheists and nonbelievers around the world. Today, we are urging the Council to remember that those of us who reject religion have a right to live and speak freely. According to media reports, there is an effort being promoted by Pakistan for the adoption of new international strictures on blasphemy. Any move in that direction would be devastating to freedom of conscience, and would directly conflict with the Rabat Plan of Action that urged the repeal of blasphemy laws where they exist.

Any law that criminalizes apostasy or the defamation of religion is an unjust law.

Blasphemy laws are used as tools of repression against nonbelievers. They give vigilantes an excuse to commit violent acts, and governments a justification to shutdown valid debate and religious criticism.

The number of atheists around the world is growing, which in our view is a positive outcome. But whatever one thinks of atheists, the international human rights community has an obligation to protect our rights alongside that of any other religious minority.

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