Mr. Eccles Presents | Alpha quadrant 6 – Best Sci-Fi Spaceships

Tonight, I’m sharing something from the crew of the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast, an episode of their science fiction review series, Alpha Quadrant 6. Here, Bob, Steve, and Jay Novella talk about their all-time favorite, iconic spaceships in well-known franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek’s various incarnations, Babylon 5, and others like 2001: A Space Odyssey.

What ships would I add to this?

For my own part, I’d also add the Zentradi starships of Macross, with their alien, ancient, vaguely dilapidated and menacing look and size. The pluses I would suggest are their powerful drives, the vast crew and troop carrying capacity, with the ability in many of them to deploy thousands of heavily armed and armored combat craft. Other pluses include the real-time hyperspace communication systems, and the built-in weaponry, not just the enormous number of beam cannons and missile launchers, but for many, the powerful particle cannon taking up much of the vessel’s long axis.

In many of these ships, the command centers are protected within the vessel’s core, not exposed to attack like in some franchises.

The downsides?

Oh, there are a few!

The first is the disrepair most of these ships are in, with whole sections abandoned and walled off from access. The vessels are fitted for ten-meter tall crew members, not human-sized personnel, which is inconvenient, and the worst is the fact that these ships use ancient tech, about half a million years old, with a crew that lacks the technical skills, and the factory facilities, to fix their stuff and keep it in good condition. Make Britai Krydanik’s command ship with adequate repair crew and facilities, and size the accomodations for humans, it’d be an amazing ship to go to war in or just explore the galaxy. Or the ship commanded by Quamzin Kravshera, with its ability to separate itself into two vessels! Just a thought there.

Anyway, watch this one to the end, as there are others the Novella brothers discuss as well!

Tf. Tk. Tts.

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