Mr. Eccles Presents | #blackcosplayerhere – My Thoughts


This time, I’m going a little off-topic on this humble little blog and sharing a video by friend and fan of the fractals, Montel Thompson, a homey of mine in this Navy town. He does good work at Atlantis Games and Comics not too far from where I live, and is big into nerdy things like cosplaying, comics, games, movies, and such. We nerds must stick together in these rough times. I’ve seen his cosplaying as the superhero Patriot, with the terrific workmanship that goes into it and I’m hoping to cosplay on my own this year once again as the Ninth Doctor. But it looks like I’ll have to up my game if that’s to work, assuming I do. Pics if and when that happens. So give this one a watch, and if this is your cup of a certain famous Tamil beverage, then please subscribe to his YouTube channel. It’s a fine alternative to the plethora of downright awful YouTubers masquerading as public intellectuals who have nothing better to do but endlessly whinge and complain about social justice advocates and not being dicks to others. Oh, and be sure to like his stuff, too!

Tf. Tk. Tts.

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