Mongo Fiction | Not the Neighborly Sort

What of the new neighbor? He’s an odd sort, just moved in from offshore, someplace northeast, and without a word from him since moving here, though I hear talk of what goes on in his home. It’s all rumor, but none of it is pretty.

He never speaks, just sort of mumbles and glowers at people, a nasty sort, even known to kick the neighborhood cats when he can as they show up for feeding. 

He got a nastygram and a visit from the local animal shelter, and from law enforcement on allegations of animal cruelty more than once. Cats have been known to disappear after wandering too close to his place. I suspected at first that he poisons them.

I don’t think much of the people who he actually bothers to let inside his run-down little eyesore of a house, either, one seriously in need of remodeling. 

What goes on in there? One time, I heard something howl and shriek from inside below. Good lord, if he has a dog, or maybe some kind of wild animal caged up in there, that could be where the missing cats go! Maybe it’s worse than just poisoning them. Maybe he feeds whatever’s in there the strays that come too close!

Fortunately, our beasts are indoors only, and he seems to avoid my place, so the neighborhood strays have learned to gravitate here as a sort of safe place for feeding and general cat-gatherings.

But exactly what the hell does he keep holed up in his basement? Something tells me I don’t want to find out.

Where’s Blatherskit and Beelzebub at this hour? They’re late for the early morning feeding . . . . Damn cats.

2 thoughts on “Mongo Fiction | Not the Neighborly Sort

    1. Do you think it would be treading old territory to write something about “the thing in the basement?” I may be able to put a new spin on that.


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