Mongo Fiction | The Bug Sisters on Halloween

The three witches stirred their cauldron as they looked into the swirling brew for patterns of the future. These were unusual witches, for they had three pairs of limbs, coming from a species of sapient beetles, and flew on chitinous wings rather than broomsticks. Wings made for a smoother flight. “Well, sisters, what have we here?” One said, her antennae twirling as she tossed in silly things like tongue of weevil and claw of scorpion. “It looks like the Witch Finder General is at it again!” “Matt Hopkins? That loser? Didn’t he learn from the last time not mess with us? After all, we turned him into an axolotl!” “Yeah,” said another witch, “we sure showed him! Never did recover from that. Something about him still having gills after he got better!”

Another image revealed itself, of a young human girl plucking petals from a flower, tears streaming from reddening eyes as she cried about the day’s events at school. She had been rudely rejected by a boy she thought loved her. The three witches narrowed their beady compound eyes as one said, “Why don’t we help her out, do something to cheer her up? I know! We can turn that obnoxious boy into a monkey!” “Nah! That’ll never do. Too reflective of his true nature. All it would do is give him the urge to fling his business and purloin bananas!” “Wait! Let’s turn him into a sand flea!” “A capital idea! That way, the girl can get her revenge by stepping on him! I’ve got the perfect potion formula for that: let’s see, wing of orchid bee, hair of spider, nectar of pitcher plant, and chelae of lobster! Here, let me throw in a little powdered chrysalis of Io moth!”

The witches cackled in buzzing insect voices as they mixed the potion, sure that this would be a fun Halloween night, for themselves, and for the little girl with the broken heart.

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