Mongo Fiction | The Last Dance, Part 4

Than’yhidre slept like a baby, and woke with the rising of the sun through the living crystal windows of the hotel suite. She had been dreaming strange dreams, of shifting sands, rainforests, beaches, and ancient gods known only to the Kai’Siri in myth and story. But none of these were the gods of Earth.

She recalled scenes of temples, tall and ancient, impressive in size given the technology used to build them. No aliens built these structures. They were strictly the work of the ancient peoples. These remarkable sites were highly decorated, as one would expect from holy places, and were so well built as to survive even to this day.

Than’yhidre was not a believer in supernatural beings or forces, being raised in the Kai’Siri culture all her known life. But spiritual matters to her were personal, and so long as there was no imposition by others on her, she respected others’ right to believe whatever they liked.

She had seen someone in her dream, a young girl, and this was something that haunted her throughout both childhood and adult life. She dreamt of her again last night. She meant to find out who the girl was.

Her brooding had obviously caught the attention of Meenakshi, who asked, “What disturbs you, Than’yhidre?”

Than’yhidre spoke for the first time since waking only moments ago,“Since my childhood, my teens, and my entire adult life, I’ve had these dreams, dreams of a young girl of this world. I somehow feel I know her, or did, and in these dreams I can feel someone or something is after her, chasing her. I dream that I’m by her side as she’s being chased, running with her from her pursuers. Her face seems familiar, and yet I cannot place it. It corresponds to no face of anyone on record anywhere in the Exarchate. I mean to find her face, somewhere in the records of this world, to find out who she is and add a piece to the puzzle that is my past. I wasn’t born on Sirug, only raised there since the age of two. My own early records are sketchy, and go back no further, but I’ve found that my family, my real family, is from Terra. I found from my genomic records that I descend from Terra and not Sirug. And I have the data to prove it, but always the tapestry remains incomplete. I mean to complete it, and to know my past and the truth of these things that haunt my dreams. But I don’t want to burden you with my problems. Are things still clear to visit those temples?”

“Yes. We’re cleared to go there this afternoon if you feel up to it. It’ll help cheer you up to see the sights here in the Old Quarter, raise your spirits, as we of Terra say. Wash up, dress, we’ll take breakfast, and I’ll tell you of some local customs that the planetary Net would merely gloss over or even miss!” Meenakshi smiled as she stood. The two women parted, each to their own rooms to prepare for the day’s outings.

To Be Continued Next Month…

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