MetaCognitions | Cosplaying as the Ninth Doctor


After a horrific weekend evening dealing with my own incredibly annoying and slightly scary inner narrative, I’m watching Doctor Who episodes, this time from the 2005 series reboot with Chris Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor.


I’m trying to study Nine’s speech patterns and mannerisms for an upcoming costume event I’ve been invited to for recording this month, in attending as the Ninth Doctor, as I gather the elements of his clothing style and props. Here’s the replica of Nine’s sonic screwdriver that came in recently, a bit blurry from the excited shaking of my hand holding the iPod:


It lights up and makes cool sonic screwdriver noises!

Why bring this up? Because frankly, I find the whole thing a bit daunting. Eccleston’s are big shoes to fill, even as a mere cosplay role. Nine was my introduction to the series, as Tom Baker was to the classic Who series. It’s both a frightening responsibility and an honor to dress the part, but with work and practice, I should pass.

Nine was the debut of a very different Doctor than I’d known in the old series, the survivor of a terrible war between the Time Lords and the Daleks, and deeply scarred for it. Let’s face it, Nine was broken, dark, brooding, and tragic, but he was also the most austerely dressed, least affected, most down-to-earth, and…fantastic…as a (then) new turn for the Doctor who still tried to do the right thing wherever he went, even when he couldn’t save everybody from the monsters. I liked the succeeding actors as the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors, but never quite warmed to them as with Nine.

I look on the upcoming event as a challenge, and one worth taking seriously. I’ve got close to the right nose, ears, and hair for the role, so what remains is practice, and the rest of Nine’s garb to assemble.

Wish me luck. Maybe I can pull this off. 🙂

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