MetaCognitions | 2016.08.10


I’ve been busy lately, practicing mnemonic techniques for my study subjects, and not just Bengali, but some new courses have arrived and I’m currently immersed on a series of lectures on nonverbal communication, which as someone with high-functioning schizophrenia, showed me and continues to things which normal socialization had never, ever adequately addressed. These are things which severely impacted my people skills throughout my youth. Something this interesting bears further viewing, and listening. The memory techniques I’m using are fairly advanced, but worth the time needed to work on; keywords using interactive imagery, and this combined with the method of loci, or memory palace technique to memorize the Periodic table of elements. This last evening, I was mapping out locations in and around my home upon which to place the images and their associated tags, in my case, for hydrogen I place the image of an imaginary deuterium-tritium fusion reactor (an old tokamak model) spitting out neutrons on a nearby bookshelf, while on another sits a green Martian from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom sounding like he’s just inhaled helium while giving a speech in the city of Helium. And the silliness goes on…

But the sillier, the better! The idea is to make each image memorable.

My practice was inspired by a piece from 2014 by Dr. Lynne Kelly, which is being heavily referenced as I go. It’s one of the clearest explanations I’ve seen for the method of loci, so I’ve plenty to keep busy with, and I’ll see you later this week!

Tf. Tk. Tts.


3 thoughts on “MetaCognitions | 2016.08.10

  1. The moment I started reading this post I thought of Lynne Kelly. I first learned of her from an earlier post of yours. I’m still in the middle of reading “Knowledge and Power in Prehistoric Societies”. She has a new book that is coming out early next year, “The Memory Code”. I’ll get a copy of it when it comes out.


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