Lyapunov’s Children | Inaugural Post


Ikktighar furiit (greetings). Yesterday morning I posted my first fiction installment in my Hard SF setting Lyapunov’s Children, building the setting one story at a time.

Post-installment, I can now say more clearly both what it is not, and what it is.

1. It is a far cry from my earlier Gods of Terra setting, and there are no (blatantly objectionable to already overworked physicists) violations of known physical laws, no pseudo-scientific paranormal abilities, no “Ancients” like those of the Traveller RPG setting, or my own “Nine Who are One,” and no overt Lovecraftian elements, though horror-genre fiction is possible in the setting, just nothing supernatural. Oh, and there are no centralized interstellar empires, as due to the limits of physics and distance, that’s simply not practical.

2. It instead offers an optimistic look into the far future of our descendants, seamlessly continuous with the possibilities of future human evolution as we currently understand it. These post-humans, the “Lyapunov’s Children” of the setting, have spread to the stars, and despite the limits of physics, contact between these post-humans (of many, many lineal branches of archaic Homo sapiens) and alien civilizations are a real possibility. Our future offspring have yet to encounter an extant one, but have found ruins of failed civilizations at least twice, snuffed out by their own stupidity, their worlds originally located by radio-astronomy in our own near future.

So that’s it so far. I’d like to add details on the post-human species of the setting, but I want to focus more on stories themselves, as characters come first, not what they look like or what adaptations they have.

Tf. Tk. Tts.

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