Caturday’s Astrophenia | 2016.07.16

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Good evening! I’m posting this some hours later than I’d like, as last night I had a fantastic game session and dinner party with my GURPS group, finishing up the prequel to our AEON superhero campaign, and getting our baptism of fire in a major battle. Twitterer @Ravenpenny was our GM for the session.

This fortnight, Juno is still in the news, with the spacecraft’s settling into orbit around Jupiter and sending us our first clear views of the giant planet in a long time.

I’m still importing video posts to Blogger, though keeping most on this site, save junk posts and expired videos and images. I’m considering not abandoning this site entirely, but posting infrequently, say once a fortnight or month, depending on my personal schedule for posting on Blogger. For those of you without Blogger who want to keep up with my posts there, I’ll set up an RSS link and email subscription box on The Collect Call, so you can get updates in your feed or inbox, as I do with several of the Blogger sites I follow. I’ll do that once regular posting is underway there in November.

Stay cool, stay cosmic, and as always,

Tf. Tk. Tts.

The Cat’s Eye Nebula

IC 4628: The Prawn Nebula

The Colorful Clouds  of Rho Ophiuchi

Arp 286:  Trio in Virgo

The Altiplano Night

The Swirling Core of the Crab Nebula

Nocticulent Clouds Tour France

Moon Meets Jupiter

Aurorae on Jupiter

Chasing Juno

M7: Open Star Cluster in Scorpius

NGC 1309: Spiral Galaxy and Friends

NGC 2736: The Pencil Nebula

The North Celestial Tower

Image of the Fortnight

The Tarantula Nebula on the Large Magellanic Cloud

The Astrognuz:

Dark Energy Illuminated

Hubble Photo of NGC 6814

The View from Juno

Full Speed Ahead for Solar System Exploration

Dark Region Grows Eerily on Sun’s Surface

One Year after New Horizon’s Pluto Flyby

Big Picture Science Radio Show | Microbes: Resistance is Futile

The Next Mars Rover’s 2020 Launch

The Constellation Boötes

Plans to Test Space-Debris Clearing Satellite

The Call for New Tools to Search for ET

Matter Wobbles around a Black Hole

Carbon Nanotube Mirrors in CubeSat Satellites

The Moon Photobombs the Earth: DSCOVR

“Independence Day”: Core Values

“Frankenstein” Galaxy Surprises Astronomers (Astronomers love surprises!)

xkcd: Juno

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