The Call Bulletins | Moving Plans for November

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I’ve decided on the future of my blogging and decided to move the main focus of my blogging from WordPress come this November, to my Blogger site The Collect Call of Troythulu. I shall be transferring earlier posts during the interim to that venue, and I would be delighted to see you all there as well.

I’ve posted on this site for nearly eight years, and you’ve been a fantastic community to write and art for. But it’s time to move on, or soon will be.

Thank you. Thank you all. You, readers past and present, have made the success of this site, and have my gratitude for as long as I continue to think and breathe.

Why though? Why move?

Well, Blogger really doesn’t see much of my attention, and it has, truth to tell, much better functionality than WordPress and greater ease of use. The Collect Call is, in fact, a predecessor of this site, being the second blog I created after founding my first, the now defunct site, Troythulu’s Log in January 15 of 2008. This site is chronologically the third I’ve created, as I’ve written before, on December 28 of that same year.

But this blog isn’t going away forever. After October, I’ll simply update the theme one final time, and close it for further regular updates, though if I have my way, it will remain online until needed once again. I’ll post monthly thereafter on The Checkerboards of the Gods, my now-infrequently updated writing and wordplay blog.

But until November, I’ll continue to update this site somewhere in that mysterious region between weekly and daily as usual. Thank you for clicking on me.

Tf. Tk. Tts.

6 thoughts on “The Call Bulletins | Moving Plans for November

  1. I’d like the link to the other blog when you move, okay? 🙂

    I am in agreement with you about Blogger. I have 12 blogs on Blogger and 2 on WordPress. I much prefer Blogger. Always have. Not sure why so many people make such a big deal about WordPress.

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    1. I’ll definitely send you the link. I’m already moving older posts over, especially videos, which I’ve discovered use different embedding formats between platforms. I’m already impressed by the ease in moving stuff over, even manually.


    1. I may not, at least entirely. I’ll still be posting monthly on the Checkerboards, and I may work out a biweekly or monthly posting schedule for this site. I’ll see. Even if not, I’ll set up an RSS feed and email subscription box on Blogger for those without sites there. I’ll do that once I begin regular posting there in November.



    2. I’ll also continue to follow and comment on WordPress blog’s, even without regular posting on this site. This and the other sites will remain online.


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