Caturday’s Astrophenia | Did Juno ’bout dat Jupiter flyby?

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Welp, sometime this coming Monday, the Juno mission probe will begin its exploration of the King of the Planets, mighty Jupiter itself. I’ll be keeping an eye out online for news of the rendezvous to get the full spectacle in my browser tab’s view.

Meanwhile, this last evening, I was watching lightning flash in the clouds above my neighborhood and decided that for purposes of my Gods of Terra SF setting, I’m getting rid of psionic, or ‘psychic’ abilities as a plot-device. Bear in mind, I’m not being ‘obsessed with reality’ here, but merely noting that in a universe with alien technology-based powers (referred to from here on as ‘Myria’), biological brain-based psychic mental powers are redundant, with all of the usefulness of a fifth wheel without any tire or treads.

Note: Gods of Terra (unlike Lyapunov’s Children) is pure space opera, not Hard SF, and indeed can seem a bit comic-bookish in terms of what’s possible, with its world-bending alien relics and sometimes godlike alien entities.

Hypershards and similar brain implant-based technologies already do all the work of psionic powers with none of the same drawbacks or implausibilities, even with the liberal sprinkling of technobabble I’ve applied to them. No doubt there are problems still, and I’ve even found a few myself.

I’ve rarely even mentioned psionics in my fiction for the setting, so there’s no great loss to ditching the concept altogether. Think of it as pruning the bonsai, trimming the hedges, and simply getting rid of an idea that has no purpose not better served by something else more unique to the setting.

In the coming months, I’ll be elaborating on further ideas for hypershard technology and possible counter-technologies. After all, there must be a reason why wavetouched haven’t taken over the Local Galaxy, or they would have done so already, right? Maybe.

This weekend marks the end of my self-imposed spring break in Bengali study. So now I begin full reviews and further study of new material from my textbook, all 13 units, 14-26, from Part 2 of Complete Bengali. This last Friday I’ve completed chapter quizzes from units 1-13 of Part 1, and the next 18 weeks will offer plenty of time to reach an acceptable level of mastery before moving on to Part 3’s advanced study in the semester following.

That will be cool.

So, make this weekend a good one, and in Soruggon…

Tf. Tk. Tts.

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