Fiction | It Is With Heavy Heart We Must Relate: The Obit of the Mirus

MB3D68_53853The Mirus has taken the hand of oblivion by natural causes, at 15:53 hours, date 27 of Twelvemonth, Local Galaxy Standard year 3520, at the age of 237 years and five months.

Trained and weaponized as a destroyer of worlds, the Mirus broke free of control, using his immense power to preserve rather than destroy. Earlier in his life he saved his homeworld of Terra from sterilization at the hands of the fanatical Suthidruu. He had assisted the Rj’Lt’Ar by preventing a disastrous political takeover by the psychopathic Dasaelos Gurao. Later in life, he oversaw the wedding of his synthesine daughter, Emissary, and Conscience, Imegaa Mokan, to a Kai’Siri noble, Kuruugya Dunori.

By now an old but still imposing man, his final act in life was to moderate a debate between a Broogh fleet commander and the Prime Minister of the Tokmolosian Confederation. This lead to a peace lasting to the present day between that element of the gigantic Broogh species and the hominoid Mokthraga. He has been awarded the Imperial Star for his actions in the final Terran-Kai’Siri War, which brought peace to the two warring human species.

Though raised a soldier, the Mirus was always a thinker, a rationalist, and a man of peace, never carrying a firearm even on military deployment after he gained his freedom and began his quest to wander the galaxy.

He will be commemorated on Sirug with officials of all powers of the Local Galaxy in attendance. His remains will be launched by traditional funeral pod into the outer sun of the system in accordance with his wishes, his hypershard to be destroyed with him. He is survived by his first daughter Imegaa, her partner, his son Avijit and his wife and family, and his second daughter Rosalie with her husband and family.

The service will be held, with seating for dignitaries at the 23rd hour Sirug time on the fifth day of the tenth month of the Kai’Siri calendar. Out-system viewers will be notified as to local listings, and will have foldnode access to the event at home. All but essential business operations will be suspended on Sirug until the funeral pod leaves local orbit for the outer system.

Imegaa Mokan has composed a verse, the closest possible Anglic translation below, to be given in Old High Soruggon upon the launch of the funeral pod into orbit. The chorus will be accompanied by cannon fire from locally stationed Kai’Siri warships, and followed by select readings from the writings of the ancient twentieth-century astronomer and astrobiologist Carl Sagan, particularly his works The Demon-Haunted World and Billions & Billions.

To Peace!
As Father breathed his last
For all time, what is to come
The rational, the absurd
His purpose found, on his own
Not from on high, but within
He fought the dark, to the end
With words, thought, with subtle guile
Powerful he may have been
Less a god
More a man
Curiosity inflamed
To understand, not decry
The universe, ancient, vast
All its peoples, present, past
To sun-fire we consign his form

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