Fractals of the Week | Phractal Madness in Triplicate

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G’day, such as that is with the tragedy over the weekend in Orlando. The previous week has been spent with me being all hermit the crab in my shell in the dark recesses of the benighted abyss, and working on a project for a friend, Sharmishtha Basu, who’s putting together a terrific new ezine, Agnishatdal The Lotus of Fire, and looking for submissions to publish in it. Check it out, and do consider contributing!

This week, I’ve three wallpapers for you. These are courtesy of MB3d, and represent some results of reconditioning older presets to produce something…maybe more interesting than before. I’ve certainly had fun with them, and the time spent tweaking settings, downsizing the files so that they don’t gobble up space on my hard drive and slow down the rendering of new images, has been worth it. MB3d preset files are hogs when it comes to taking up disc space, even more so than the images they are used to render. I suspect that this is because presets hold not only the information needed to generate a new file, but also the full information for the most recently stored image itself readymade to be saved in a given format, say JPEG or PNG. Useful if you need a big, previously rendered image on the fly, ready for lighting and color settings to be tweaked, but not at all easy when the system is overburdened and responsiveness slows to a crawl.

So, here they are.


This is a considerable improvement over its predecessor, and the resulting image looks all the world like an alien apartment complex, with lots of little boxy structures with a dystopian look worthy of a Philip K. Dick or William Gibson story, contrasted with an unnaturally bright sky. Maybe the sun is starting to run out of fuel and bloat?


Not sure what to make of this one, though it would make a cool castle or something else medieval where it not for the alienness of the piece. I would either question the architect’s sanity or praise her engineering brilliance if this were actually attempted as a thing to build.


This one looks a bit Industrial Punk with suggestions of oily vapours and interlocking cogs. What the heck was I thinking? On closer inspection, it’s apparent that this probably wouldn’t work mechanically, but who cares?

Tf. Tk. Tts.

All JPEG, PNG & GIF images in this post are original works by the author, created via a variety of apps and unless otherwise stated are copyright 2016 by Troy Loy. I hereby permit the free, noncommercial use of these images, with proper attribution or a link back to the original source. Thank you!

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