The Call’s Gnuz & Lynx Roundup | 2016.06.01


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G’day! I’m still on the Great Courses series of lectures entitled ‘A History of India,’ on the fifth disc out of six. In last night’s lectures, the instructor discussed the conflict of 1857 and changes in British rule on the subcontinent as well as the early days of a budding Indian nationalism since then, and especially after World Wars I and II that would lead to independence as a nation in 1947. I’ll be finished with the course, at least this first viewing, within a week or maybe two, and post a full review then.

I’m anticipating the third set of Bengali quizzes this Friday, and the fortnight’s end review of flashcards combining Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil script in a single deck, itself using random shuffling of the cards via the software to keep things challenging and fun. It’s necessary to space out the learning sessions to allow for forgetting some of the material, to result in error-correction and thus more solid learning as a natural outgrowth of the process. Once I overlearn the basic script of all three languages, I’ll go on to more complex letters like Bengali consonant conjuncts not already covered in the currently reviewed study units of Complete Bengali to make reading in the syllabaries of all three languages second nature.

I’ve had previous experience learning languages from my high school and college days, but I won’t kid you as to how altogether different and difficult is it to learn three South Asian languages at my age and without a formal learning environment or professional tutoring! Not only are the scripts, rules of spelling, pronunciation and grammar radically different from anything I’ve studied prior, but only two of the languages are even in the same linguistic family.

So I have to prioritize my study periods by subject matter, and that seems to be working nicely. One day, I’ll master my subjects, but I don’t expect to finish anytime soon….

…or, as a lifelong learner, at any time in this mortal coil.

Tf. Tk. Tts.

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