Mr. Eccles Presents | Cell Phones Don’t Cause Cancer

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 19.50.04

Hat tip to Rebecca Watson‘s YouTube channel

6 thoughts on “Mr. Eccles Presents | Cell Phones Don’t Cause Cancer

    1. Yes. I’ve learned to be wary of what passes for science reporting in the media. Often, the science itself is poorly presented, and even misleadingly so by the news outlets which report it, and by journalists who clearly should not be assigned such work. If possible, I read the studies themselves, unless behind a paywall or such, to see just how far from the truth the reporting is. It’s not easy, given that I’m a layman, but worth looking at to put the research findings into context.

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  1. exactly, that is why I always remember those words from an amazing song “I know its true, also true because I saw it on TV”- I almost always try to reassure these claims on sites that handle actual science or history or whatever I read!


  2. just a few days back I was reading stuffs on indian history in net then I came to read about Portuguese monstrosities in India, a site claimed that Voltaire wrote a letter about it, and then I passed almost one hour to find out the original letter, every time I typed those words “Voltaire’s letter about Portuguese invasion in India” it lead me to that one site! these people!


    1. Hmmm. I might look for that, though I’m sure I would have to refine my search terms several times to get to the right source. I remember coming across something like that recently, but a quote from him rather than the full letter. I’ll post a link to it on this thread when I find it.


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