Caturday’s Astrophenia | A Most Mercurial Week!

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 21.10.01

Getting ready for study this weekend, focusing on vocabulary and lectures, so I’ll be minimal on text here. I’m still recovering from the coolness and yummy food of Friday’s Greek Fest celebration, and seeing Marvel’s Civil War movie in the theatre immediately afterward. I’m enjoying a new video lecture course, on Indian history, by the Great Courses. I’ll post a review of it when I’m done. Enjoy the weekend, and I’ll try likewise!


Contemplating the Sun

Crossing Mars

Aurora over Sweden

A Mercury Transit  Sequence

The SONG and the Hunter

NGC 7023: The Iris Nebula

Three Worlds for TRAPPIST 1

Mercury’s Transit: An Unusual Spot on the Sun

Webb Telescope Mirror Rises after Assembly

Saturn and Mars visit Milky Way Star Clouds

A Mercury Transit Music Video from SDO

A Transit of Mercury

ISS and Mercury Too

Falcon 9 and Milky Way

Image Of THe Week:


1st Boeing Starliner Hull Assembled as 1st Crew Flight delays to 2018

Eleanor Lutz Created a Medieval-Style Map of Mars

Climate Change: Plankton and You: the Science of How We’re All connected to Climate

Expose-R2 Photochemistry on the Space Station

Second Cycle of Martian Seasons Completing for Curiosity Rover

Astronomy Cast Ep. 414: Navigating Far

Reminder: Science Luau 2016

Climate Change: Power Play: Envisioning a Wind, Water, and Solar World

A Martian Dustup

2007 OR10: The Largest Unnamed World in the Solar System

Super-Secret X-37B Nears One Year in Orbit Doing???

Creationist Ken Ham’s Attempt to Debunk Science with Science Goes Hilariously Awry!

Climate Change: Effects

Kepler Verifies 1284 New Planets!

When Can I Die on Mars?

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