Fractal of the Week | Newton’s Waking

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 13.33.05

This is one of my more recent forays into using a different formula numerator for Newton’s method fractals. I’ve lately been looking into improving some of my better-looking, or perhaps less odious, early images for larger file sizes suitable for use as prints.

The title of this piece derives from a term used as an objection to early modern science in a poem written by William Blake, the phrase ‘Newton’s sleep’ where the Newtonian worldview was decried as being somehow deadening to the human spirit or ‘soul.’ I propose instead that science as it was then, and as it is today can do much to advance the human spirit without saddling the same with metaphysical baggage or unverifiable concepts.

As a skeptic, I don’t deny the soul, but instead define it as the complete pattern of information making up a human being, or any other living thing capable of self-awareness, of the same substance as the brain and body. At the very least, it avoids frivolously multiplying concepts, and still manages perfectly well to explain human thought and behavior.

The math used to generate all of my work is unequivocally the product of science, which in turn derives from philosophy. Newton described himself as a natural philosopher as the term ‘scientist’ wasn’t coined until the 19th century. Hence, “Newton’s Waking.”

I’m still tweaking the preset that gave rise to this piece, and will post some of the more interesting examples here in future installments.

Tf. Tk. Tts.


All JPEG, PNG & GIF images in this post are original works by the author, created via a variety of apps and unless otherwise stated are copyright 2016 by Troy Loy. I hereby permit the free, noncommercial use of these images, with proper attribution or a link back to the original source. Thank you!

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