Podcast Spotlight | Naked Diner

Sometimes when beginning my week I need to listen to a show with a catchy intro tune; with hosts engaging in light, often enlightening, banter; a show with extraordinary guests from a variety of unusual backgrounds. It’s a show that even gets Eccles the cat’s attention as I listen to it weekly each Monday.

That show would be the Naked Diner podcast.

With hosts Jack Matirko and Andy Hall, the show is now well and going strong into its 21st episode, as of this post’s date, with the extraordinary Dese’Rae L. Stage as show guest, who is also a good follow on Twitter @deseraestage and @lttphoto with more about her valuable work on suicide prevention at Live Through This:.

The show is available for subscription and downloading on iTunes, Android, or via regular RSS.

You can find Andy’s blog on Patheos at Laughing in Disbelief, or on Twitter @LaughPurgatory, and contact Jack at ZXH-Creative, who tweets as @LEDFlashing.

Did I mention that the intro tune is catchy too? I did? Cool. We’re good, then.

Subscribe, or miss out on a great show.

If you like the show, you can support it by visiting the podcast’s Amazon shop, and comment, rate, or leave a review on iTunes.

(This post has been updated with only minor alterations, and a new header on 1/22/19)

2 thoughts on “Podcast Spotlight | Naked Diner

    1. Podcasts are like a radio show that you can download from the Internet and then listen to as much as you like. You can subscribe to them on a given web platform, like iTunes, and get regular updates, new episodes as each show comes out. I’m subscribed to quite a few, and I update each day.



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