The Call’s Gnuz & Lynx Roundup | 2015.11.23

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This week has been one of great change. With the world galvanizing itself to action after the brutal terror attacks of last week by Daesh and others, and my own country shamed by the racists and bigots with their fear and hatred of brown people and other religions, the future grows darker, at least in those things we can see crossing the threshold from future to present and then onward to tragic history.

Pity that, as one person put it “Prediction is a forgotten art.” But maybe that’s all for the better. The uncertainty of it all may be discomforting, but it keep things interesting.

Those who brought this on and those who, reacting out of primal, mindless fear, perpetuate this cycle of hatred and misery are, I believe, on the wrong side of history, and engaged in a lost cause. They pit themselves against the very best humanity is capable of, and they will lose, the fear-mongers and those they cynically manipulate alike. They will lose unilaterally, or they will lose because we all will lose.

But I’m optimistic, hopeful for a positive outcome while recognizing that the way to it is likely to be harrowing and dangerous. This could be the pivotal moment for our species, and perhaps things will get worse before getting better. But I’m confident that they will get better. It’s been said that if we as a species don’t annihilate ourselves in the next 200 years, our future will be bright.


The future looks dark only a short distance from now, but further out it is shrouded in mist, hopefully brightly lit by the end of the next century. We may become extinct, or we may survive and go on to reach for the stars.

I’ll wager on the latter outcome, but cautiously.


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