Caturday’s Astrophenia | 2015.11.21

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 21.10.01

namaskar. This week, I’m rolling out graphic headers for all themed posts, and this installment’s features my favorite diabolical psycho fluffy furniture-destroyers Mr. Eccles and Rockykins.

The week has been good, with much accomplished but less study than I’d have liked, but that’s my only complaint – I’ll live.

This post from here on out will be published biweekly, so I’m featuring the Astronomy Picture of the Day links for the previous two weeks.

Thanks to twitterer @Ravenpenny for the inspiration to make and use graphic headers, and to Sharmishtha Basu for a huge portion of the inspiration to keep blogging.

I’m woefully behind in my studies, so there are Bengali books calling my name this morning and coming afternoon.

A Quadruple Sky over Great Salt Lake

Assembly of The International Space Station

AE Aurigae and the Flaming Star Nebula

An Unexpected Rocket Plume over San Francisco

Kenya Morning Moon, Planets and Taurid

The Tadpoles of IC 410

Wright Mons on Pluto

Leonids over Monument Valley

A Blazing Fireball between the Orion Nebula and Rigel

The Pelican Nebula in Gas, Dust, and Stars

A Sudden Jet on Comet 67P

Centaurus A

Leonids and Friends

Recycling NGC 5291

Image of the Week:

Veil Nebula Supernova Remnant

Weekly Astrognuz:

NASA Orders SpaceX Crew Mission to International Space Station

Watch the entire Cassini mission image catalogue as a movie

Weekly Space Hangout: November 20, 2015

Galaxies: Two photos of nearby spirals

Big Picture Science Radio Show — Skeptic Check: Paleo Diet

Partners in Science: Private Companies Conduct Valuable Research

Two JAXA mission updates: Akatsuki Venus orbit entry and PROCYON Earth flyby

It’s Finally Here: Comet Catalina Greets Dawn Skywatchers

Bobby Jindal: Anti-science GOP candidate mocked on The Tonight Show

Pluto’s Moons Spinning Wildly

Third Rock Radio | NASA

Planetary Radio | The Planetary Society

Curiosity Mars Rover Nears First Study Site of Active Sand Dunes Beyond Earth

Canada: New government appears to be pro-science

Gemini Planet Imager Exoplanet Survey — One Year Into The Study

Humans Orbiting Mars | A Website of The Planetary Society

Cinematic Mars

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