Call Bulletins | 2015.11.19

I’m in the process of creating a new SF universe, and so consolidating all of my Gods of Terra entries under the titles of Future Fluff and Eldritch Nine under the Gods of Terra label for the permalink, category name, and post header.

So, I’m putting out a crowdsourcing request for any ideas for a name for the new setting. It’s an SF universe that has Wonders, but no Magic Wands as far as technology and physics go, no Pure Freakin’ Magic™. That means no technologies beyond what is known to be physically possible in the real world, though those technologies may well be beyond current engineering capability; so long as they are physically possible, however beyond cutting edge real technology, all will be well. There are aliens, of course, but those will at best be seldom encountered due to the vast distances in space and the limits of physics on space travel. There shall be interstellar drives, but these are all relativistic craft that can only manage a fraction of the speed of light. Such drives are mostly used for robotic craft such as probes, or space arks and other colonization ships — no interstellar merchant prince vessels, and there is little in the way of military craft as commonly depicted in science fiction, as fuel and time requirements make interstellar conquest impractical due to the expense. That does not rule out system defense craft and punitive strikes within the same stellar system.

I want each post pertaining to a given fictional setting to have its own in that regard. I’ll be creating special logos for many if not all of my posts, and updating those as this blog evolves. That includes the Mr. Eccles Presents video installments, featuring that adorably murderous insane bionic ninja feline, Eccleston J. Cat, as well as a header for Caturday’s Astrophenia, The Call’s Gnuz & Lynx Roundup, and any post that would look better with one. So, I’ll be going over my current fractals for the next couple of weeks, picking out suitable images to use.

I’ll be bringing back this blog’s participation in Cat Thursday, but not just for Thursday. In keeping with new logos, I’ll have a different one for each weekday it’s to be published on once everything is set up and ready.

I’ve not made extensive use of post-specific logo images yet, so this could be fun.

6 thoughts on “Call Bulletins | 2015.11.19

  1. Thinking in terms of fractal names, I like Cantor Dust and Strange Attractors and Bifurcation and Lorenz Attractor in terms of your alien world, but not specifically like that – some way of playing with the names. Mind you, your SF world doesn’t need to reflect your interest in fractals.

    There is another type of fractal that I used to adore but can’t remember the name. It was a difficult name and hard to spell and I think it started with an L but that doesn’t mean that it did. The fractals were very delicate with long tails. I shall hunt just to refresh my memory.

    Love the name Sierpinski.


    1. You know, those sound awesome. Maybe that would work, so I’ll ask around a bit more and mull things over, let the subconscious do the work once the input’s in… Something to do with fractals, however indirectly, might be perfect! >


          1. There’s something like that in at least one of my fractal apps. I’ll have to poke around and look for that formula type. Perhaps I could use that to come up with a good graphic header to use.

            But yes, that does sound like it would work, something very appropriate for the setting.

            Thank you ^(;,,;)^


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