Caturday’s Astrophenia | 2015.11.07

This has been a week of change, and change is good where I’m concerned. We’ve gotten tentative confirmation of the status of star KIC 8462852, previously suspected by some as the possible location of an alien megastructure. There are radio signals we would expect to see if it were an artifact of a technical civilization, signals we do not detect but should even given our species’ current level of technology. So, it seems as though it’s “no aliens,” or at least the Scottish verdict of “not proved.” No one is more disappointed than yours truly, though to be fair, history has not been kind to the astroscientific detection of aliens, and this was not unexpected. Are we alone? We don’t know, and it’s too soon for a definitive answer, though it’s extremely unlikely that Earth hosts the only intelligent life in the universe.

May you enjoy the weekend, and your nights be lit by the stars.


The Milky Way over Monument Valley

Comet ISON Being Destroyed by the Sun

Seeking Venus under the Spitzkoppe Arch

The Great Orion Nebula M42

NGC 1333 Stellar Nursery in Perseus

Unraveling NGC 3169

Earth and Milky Way from Space

Image of the Week:

Weekly Astrognuz:

NASA Opens Media Accreditation for Orion Service Module Event

Who was Galileo Galilei?

Alien Star: No Signals Detected from Aliens Yet

Big Picture Science Radio Show | Going to All Species

Rewrite of Onboard Memory Planned for NASA Mars Orbiter

Protecting Juno’s Heart

Lamar Smith and Adjusting Scientific Data

Animal Communication, Information Theory, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

NASA Seeks Ideas for Spot on Mars for Next Giant Leap

Who was Christiaan Huygens?

Antarctic Ice: Still Losing Mass

SETI Institute to Lead New STEM Program with Girl Scouts

Galaxy at the Center of the Hubble Tuning Fork

Ion Propulsion: The Key to Deep Space Exploration

Crash Course Astronomy: All About Galaxies

Cyclone Chapala: Huge Storm Set to Hit Yemen and Oman

Astrochemistry: Putting the Astro in Astrobiology

NASA Mission Reveals Speed of Solar Wind Stripping Martian Atmosphere

New Visualization Shows Incredible Variety of Extraterrestrial Worlds

Finding Earth’s Twin

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