The Call’s Gnuz & Lynx Roundup | 2015.10.18


G’day, and happy Sunday! This will be the final post on this site until the 1st of November, when I begin my new blogging schedule. Until then, I’ll be nominally on blogcation while preparing posts for scheduling then. I’ll be posting every other day with one, two, or maybe three entries published during an especially active day.

I’ll be starting a new, limited series of posts entitled Ubi Dubitas… after the Latin proverb “Ubi dubitas, ibi libertas” “Where there is doubt, there is freedom,” as to me, doubt, and the freedom to question, are necessary conditions for good science and free inquiry. This series deals with recent news items and personal commentary on current events from a skeptical perspective.

I’ll continue posting The Call’s Gnuz & Lynx Roundup, Caturday’s Astrophenia, and the Fractal(s) of the Week along with other less regular features, with less emphasis on Cat Thursday and Wordless (Weekday). With more time poking around for stuff, I’ll be posting more fractal tutorials, though only for the apps I currently use. I’ll be starting a new series of posts dealing with the parameters of the fractal I generate for other, curious users of those same programs.

There shall be more short fiction, often ranging from 13 to 800+ words per installment, that fiction sometimes being a mix of prose and poetry if I’m feeling especially strange. Lost In Translation will continue, with less emphasis on mnemonics and more on full, multifaceted treatments of individual words and phrases in the three Indian languages I’m studying; Bengali, Tamil, and Hindi.

Time to roll up my sleeves and get to work. There is much to prepare for. May you all have an excellent time for the remainder of the month, and as always,


The Blogs

This week, I’ll post links to some of my favorite blogs for you to visit during my blogcation. Go ahead and check them out!

The Odd, the Cool, the Gnuz & the Science

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xkcd: Bell’s Theorem


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