Caturday’s Astrophenia | 2015.10.17

G’day, and happy Caturday! This week, I begin setup for next month’s blogging schedule for this site, preparing posts for November and afterward. I’ll announce plans and details in tomorrow’s Weekly Roundup along with the blog items, news, sciencey stuffs, and links. I’ll be going on blogcation for two weeks, then resuming posting next month on the new schedule, as announced elsewhere, with from one to two entries posted on this site alone every other day along with this post, the fractal entries, and the Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup. Posting for Wordless Weekday and Cat Thursday entries is a bit more iffy, as they may not be needed much of the time on the upcoming updating schedule.

Good news: I’ve located and set up a new version of MB3D for my laptop OS, and can once again generate Mandelboxes and their corresponding Julia sets for more fractal fun, and especially to further explore untried fractal types, so I’ve been busy making new images, like this one using MB3D…

Platform V

…and this one via UF5…


So while I probably won’t be doing any more Mandelbulber tutorials barring acquisition of a superior update of it for my OS, those for the apps I still use, especially MB3D and UF5, can and shall be posted in future.

There’s also study, as I will continue to make time for that. Lately, I’ve got Bengali phrases getting stuck in my head, sort of linguistic earworms, but that’s cool. It means I’m assimilating them more effectively, like the oncoming vehicle warning, “Thamo! Thamo! Gari ashche!” and others less easy to accurately transcribe in Roman letters.

Stay cool, or warm, as the case may be in your part of the world this time of year, may your weekend be festive, your days bright, and as always, in proper Soruggon,

Talotaa frang, talotaa kas, talotaa tranga suulat.

In the Center of the Trifid Nebula

Galaxy, Stars, and Dust

The Elephant’s Trunk in IC 1396

A Gegenschein Lunar Eclipse

M16 and the Eagle Nebula

Night Hides the World

Bright Spiral Galaxy M81

Image of the Week:

Weekly Astrognuz:

ExoMars Heads to the Red Planet in 2016

Stephan’s Quintet: Huge Shockwave in a Small Galaxy Group

Big Picture Science Radio Show: Space for Everyone

Space Images: A Fractured Pole

Scott Kelley Becomes U.S. Astronaut to Spent the Most Time Living in Space

Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede

Weird Star: Strange Dips in Brightness are a bit Baffling

Lakes on Mars

“Hedgehog” Robots Hop, Tumble in Microgravity

Remembering George Mueller: Leader of Early Human Spaceflight

Why do Red Giants Expand?

51 Eri b: Direct Photo of an Exoplanet

Dunes, Dust Devils, and the Martian Weather

Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror

New Horizons Publishes First Research Paper in Science

Cassini’s Close Flyby of Enceladus Yields Surprising, Perplexing Imagery

Asteroids and Volcanoes: Both May have Caused the Dinosaurs’ Extinction

Protecting Both Mars and Earth

Saturnian Snowman

The Real Martians

Curiosity Snaps Drill Site Selfie at Martian Mountain Foothill

Crash Course Astronomy: Clusters of Stars

Beautiful Photos of Mars

Jupiter Global Map from Hubble OPAL Data

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