Caturday’s Astrophenia | 2015.10.10

G’day! As my country’s incompetent lawmakers continue to deny and to slash the funding for good science, the next generation NASA telescope proceeds, step by step, as hoped….so far.

Planning continues for a mission to a bizarre metal world via Psyche, while thousands of photos from the Apollo moon landings get their own online archive.

We’ve also reached an anniversary of sorts, going from the discovery of a single exoplanet to thousands in the space of a mere twenty years! How many more may we discover in years to come?

What terms do we use for vessels with humans or no humans in them? Whatever the case, even a conservative organization like NASA is changing the language to something less gendered than “manned” and “unmanned” for both its crewed and its automated spacecraft. The times, they do change…and I think for the better!

Tf. Tk. Tts.

The Sombrero Galaxy in Infrared

Orion Over and Under Tibet

Flying Past Pluto

La Palma Eclipse Sequence

M83: The Thousand Ruby Galaxy

The Moon Entering Earth’s Shadow

Stardust in Perseus

Image of the Week:

Weekly Astrognuz:

NASA Webb Telescope Construction Leaps Forward

Ted Cruz Grills Sierra Club President with Firehose of Denial

Geology Award Going to Landing Site Expert at JPL

A Mission to a Metal World: The Psyche Mission

Apollo Photos: 8,400 Pics from The Moon in an Archive

Exoplanet Anniversary: From Zero to Thousands in 20 Years

What are White Holes

Manned Spaceflight: Time to Change the Language

JPL’s Role in Making “The Martian” a Reality

The Next Generation of Exploration: Back to Venus with VERITAS

51 Pegasi b: The First Exoplanet Found Orbiting a Sun-like Star

NASA Orbiter Views Sites of Fiction Film’s Mars Landings

Watch Lenticular Clouds Form in the Moonlight

Comet 67P: How the Rubber Duck Got Its Shape

Curiosity’s Drill Hole and Location Are Picture Perfect

Discoveries of a Restless Young Solar System

Willow teh Fluffehkins

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