Caturday’s Astrophenia | 2015.09.12

Happy Caturday to you! This last week I was working out some of the math behind my fictional monster planet Bruticus, and sadly had not the time to post it in complete form online, at least what’s finished. I’ve got the mass, diameter, and gravity of the planet figured out, but with that must come the data on its five large moons, and the number-crunching for the takeoff mass and delta-V of the biological spacecraft used to travel to and between them. That will be by the end of the next week, either for this coming Thursday or next Caturday in complete form. This has taken longer than I’ve expected, but it will be good to get it all down on paper and online. Thanks to Ray and Anneliese for the help so far, and may you always get at least a few clear nights out of a month!



The Shark Nebula

Distorted Green Flash Sunset over Italy

NGC 1316: After Galaxies Collide

NGC 4372 and the Dark Doodad

A Giant Squid in the Flying Bat

ISS Double Transit

Image of the Week:

Weekly Astrognuz:

Weekly Space Hangout 2015 September 11: New Horizons Pluto-Palooza

Crash Course Astronomy: High-Mass Stars and Supernovae

Direct Imaging of Extrasolar Planets, and Discovery of a Young Jupiter

Herschel and Planck Honored with Space Systems Award

The Gas (and Ice) Giant Neptune

Climate Change: What Climate Deniers Sound Like to Normal People

Big Picture Science Radio Show: The Pest of Us

What’s Up: September 2015

Could We Terraform the Sun?

Ceres: Hi-Res Bright Spots and Cracks

Planet Occurrence Rates with Kepler: Reaching Towards the Habitable Zone

Vista from Curiosity Shows Crossbedded Martian Sandstone

What Causes Ceres’ Bizarre Bright Spots?

WASP 94: Two Planets, Two Stars

Searching for Life… and Death… in the Universe

Study Contrasts Effects of Two Types of SoCal Fires

SpaceX Provides a Peek Inside Their New Crew Vehicle

M96: Hubble and VLT Images of a Nearby Spiral Galaxy

Separating Facts from Nonsense about Asteroid Impacts

NASA Telescopes Find Galaxy Cluster with Vibrant Heart

The Opposite of Infinity

Willow the Pillow…


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