Caturday’s Astrophenia | 2015.08.29

Good morning, and may the coming day find you in excellent fortune! With all that’s going on there’s much to do, and so little time to get it done. On my current sleep schedule I’ve been making time, though I’ll have to put off finishing the filk-song parody of Trains and Winter Rains until I come up with something that’s not only Lovecraftian, but complete and reasonably funny as well.

I’ve got in mind brains in cylinders, alien flying fungi that look vaguely crustacean, and Yuggoth (Lovecraft’s name for Pluto), but inspiration has been slow to come, and I’m a few lines short of the complete lyrics. Bloody hell.

Anyhoo, we’ve discovered a new asteroid 2015 QM3, taken a closer look at a so-called ‘pyramid’ on the dwarf planet Ceres, and there’s another asteroid impact rumor debunked as well. For this week’s Cat for ze Caturday, we’ve got Rockykins playing his role as the evil psycho fluffy shredder of hands.

May the weekend be kind to you, and in Soruggon,

Talotaa frang. Talotaa kas. Talotaa tranga suulaat.

Giant Cluster Bends Breaks Images

Dione, Rings, Shadows, Saturn

Meteors and Milky Way over Mount Ranier

Collinder 399: The Coat Hanger

The Large Cloud of Magellan

Puppis A Supernova Remnant

The Seagull Nebula

Image of the Week:

Lensing Galaxy Cluster Abell 383

Weekly Astrognuz:

The Gas (and Ice) Giant Uranus

Soap bubble hurricane: Physics Girl tackles thin film science

Are Martian Dust Storms Dangerous?

Ceres: Weird mountain stands tall

The Dwarf Planet Quaoar

Hoax impact: Asteroid rumor debunked by NASA

Orbital ATK on the Rebound with Antares Return to Flight in 2016

Sen: Newly discovered asteroid 2015 QM3

Ceres “Pyramid” gets a Closer Look but Bright Spots Remain a Mystery

Crash Course Astronomy: Low mass stars

Ice Giants at Opposition

Scattering: Physics meme

Star Stuff | A Carl Sagan Tribute

When Rockykins Wants His Belly Scratched…


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