Caturday’s Astrophenia | 2015.08.22

Good morning! This week’s video features the final pass of Saturn’s moon Dione by the Cassini probe. Doesn’t it have the power it needs to continue its mission?

Well, I think that the main problem is the probe’s running out of fuel it needs to maneuver and position itself in its exploration of the Saturn system. Once that runs out, for all real purposes, it’s game over, thank you much and goodnight, Mister McSpaceprobe!

So that means that there will be no more passes of Dione, as lovely as the moon looks to us apes on this tiny blue world far from Saturn. I hope that your weekend starts out well.

However, there’s a grey lining in the silver cloud…

I’m currently a bit worried about a friend of mine with a recent medical incident, with no word yet on his current condition.

Here’s knocking on plastic – one must adapt one’s superstitions to modern conditions, after all – that things turn out well, and a speedy return to wellness for Christopher R. Rice of the blog Ravens N’ Pennies!

I’ve had far too many people die this year alone, much less last year in addition, and that wears on me, especially close friends.

Stay cool, stay brilliant.

…and reach for the stars.

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